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A.A. in General Studies

The Associate of Arts in General Studies program aims at providing Christian leaders with a foundational understanding of the world in which they live and serve. The general education curriculum encourages the development of intellectual, social, and cultural maturity expected of college graduates. The program is comprised of the lower division curriculum for LPC’s traditional undergraduate degrees. The goals for this program are the same as those for the General Education Core and are expected to be met at an Associates level.

This is a distinct program in biblical studies for students who: do not plan to pursue further training, or who plan to pursue a different major at another college or university, or have already had training in another field.

Graduate Opportunities

Our General Studies traditional program is designed for people who desire to be a leader or a bi-vocational minister within the Christian community. This program is geared toward those who see teaching the Bible as their primary ministry.

Career Opportunities

  • Chaplaincy
  • Ministry Leadership
  • Education
  • Worship Arts
  • Missions
  • Research

Relevant Coursework

In the A.A. in General Studies degree at LPC, you’ll find high-quality courses that prepare you for your future plans and goals within your field. Check out just a few of the courses you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in during your time here:

  • Biblical Exegesis Practicum
  • Multicultural Evangelism
  • Pentateuch
  • Western Civilization to 1500
  • Kings & Prophets
  • Roots of Modern Thought
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