Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

Institutional Data

Institutional Data & Disclosures

Institutional Performance

    • LPC’s five-year average retention rate for first year students (2010-2014) is 64%
    • 45% of students who enrolled in the traditional residential program in 2008 graduated within 6 years
    • Fall 2014 Student to Faculty Ratio was 16.5:1
  • 73% of full-time professors hold a terminal degree


    • Fall 2014 headcount of 584 and Full-Time Equivalency of 513 (341 headcount in the traditional residential program)
  • The LPC student body is 44% minority; 27.6% Hispanic/Latino

Financial Aid

  • 79.72% of traditional undergraduate students (enrolled at least half-time) received Federal Student Aid
  • In 2013-2014, the average undergraduate student indebtedness at graduation was $21,428

Student Outcomes

Of 2014 graduates from undergraduate programs:

  • 97% who pursued Foursquare licensing were approved by the licensing panel
  • 70.5% had an immediate place of ministry
  • 52% plan to go on to graduate school

Student Engagement

According to the 2012/13 National Survey of Student Engagement NSSE:

  • 96% of first-year (FY) students rate their experience as good or excellent; 90% of seniors would choose this school again if they could start their college career over.
  • 87% of FY students say their faculty are available, helpful and sympathetic.
  • 60% of FY students frequently have serious conversations with those of a different race or ethnicity.
  • 95% of (FY) students feel that this institution places substantial emphasis on academics.
  • By spring of their senior year, 76% of students participate in some form of practicum, internship, field experience, co-op, or clinical assignment.
  • By the time they are seniors, 78% of students participate in community service or volunteer work.
  • 81% of FY students report that their peers are friendly, supportive, and give them a sense of belonging.


  • 79% are currently active in ministry
  • 56% are employed in their field of study

Strategic Plan

In January 2013, Life Pacific College undertook its new effort redesigning a comprehensive strategic planning process. Effective planning requires a collaborative endeavor with many stakeholders. Ours included students, staff, faculty, Foursquare Church leaders, pastors, alumni, and community representatives. Following an intense 12 month-long process, the College Board of Trustees approved the revised mission, vision, and values statements, along with a comprehensive plan for five years duration presented by the strategic planning group and administrative council.

View the Strategic Plan Viewbook

Voter Registration Information

Life Pacific College encourages students to register to vote. As Christians, we recognize human government as an ordinance of divine appointment, and teach obedience to it as a sacred duty, within its legitimate sphere. We also have a responsibility to assure good government, and we exercise this responsibility when we vote. Furthermore, the 1998 Higher Education Act requires all post-secondary institutions to make a good-faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to each degree or certificate-seeking student who attends classes on campus. The following information is provided to assist you in registering to vote either in California or in your home state.

In order to vote, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old at the time of the next election. As a college student you may register either in California using your college residential address or at home using your permanent home address. When completing your voter registration form please note that P.O. boxes are not permitted as your residential/home address. If you live on-campus, list the address of the college as your home address and if you live off-campus use your off-campus street address.

California registration forms are available on-line at Forms are also available at post offices, libraries, city hall, or department of motor vehicle offices.

For information regarding California registration deadlines please see the California State Board of Elections website: