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Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership (DCP)

Are you one of those people who started college, maybe even got two or three years done – but never earned a bachelor’s degree? While circumstances may have sidetracked you in the past, Life Pacific College has good news: it’s never too late to achieve your educational goals!

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry & Leadership

Program Information

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry & Leadership (BAML) is designed for busy leaders for whom traditional on-campus programs are not an option. The completely online, one-course-at-a-time format makes the BAML ideal for those who are juggling a career, family, and ministry obligations. With the BAML, you can:

  • Study from any location within the U.S. or abroad, as long as you have internet access.
  • Pursue your degree without leaving your place of work and/or ministry, and without uprooting your family.
  • Earn a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree* in just 18 months!
  • *75 pre-requisite credit hours required

Director of Adult and Graduate Studies

Remi Lawanson, Ph.D.

Remi received his Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has taught business, management, organizational leadership, and intercultural studies courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is experienced with adult and graduate programs, having taught in BIOLA University’s BOLD Adult Degree program as well as in Azusa Pacific University’s MA in Global Leadership and MA in Leadership programs. Remi has served as visiting professor at Whittier College. Dr. Lawanson has experience in executive management and leadership development in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. He also serves as adjunct professor for the South Africa Theological Seminary, supervising the research work of students completing their graduate degrees. Remi is a member of academic and professional associations including the Academy of Management. His life purpose is to glorify God. Remi is committed to facilitating the development of leaders as well as equipping them for organizational health, performance, and effectiveness. He enjoys promoting research, which generates new constructs and frameworks for strengthening organizational leadership.

Program Structure

The BAML requires students to complete a total of 120 units in order to graduate, with 75 of those units from outside the BAML program. Students must have completed a minimum of 60 units in order to begin the BAML; the remaining outside units (up to 15) may be completed during or after the BAML.

Discipline Entrance Req. BAML Curriculum Completion
Bible/Theology 12 units 18 units 30 units
Ministry 15 units 15 units
General Ed. 33 units 33 units
Leadership 12 units 12 units
Open Electives 30 units 30 units
Total Units 75 units 45 units 120 units


BAML curriculum consists of 15 completely-online, five-week-long, three-unit courses offered in sequential series over 18 months. Each online course incorporates both textbooks and audio/visual media as a means of presenting course materials.

Each week students participate in online discussion with the other members of their cohort, based on the week’s course materials. Additionally, they are responsible for submitting written work (including reflection papers, research projects, reading reviews, Biblical exegesis, and more) which incorporates analysis and practical application of the course materials.

The online format provides for great personal flexibility, making it possible for students to work around diverse schedule constraints including travel as well as family, organizational and ministry obligations.

Ministry Formation

BAML students are eligible to apply for all federal and state aid programs. Veterans may utilize V.A. benefits.

2017-2018 Tuition and Costs

Application Fee $35
Tuition $470 x 45 units = $21,150
Books $50-$75 per class = $750 – $1,125
Estimated Total $21,900-$22,275

Federal & State Aid, V.A. Benefits

BAML students are eligible to apply for all federal and state aid programs. Veterans may utilize V.A. benefits.

Ministry and Leadership Grant

Licensed ministers are eligible to apply for the Life Pacific College Ministry & Leadership Grant, which offers a 25% tuition discount. Degree Completion Ministry and Leadership Grant Application.


“Your cohort becomes your family. They are the ones that cheer you on and challenge your assertions. The confidence I have gained and the true authenticity I now possess within life and ministry has been worth every late night study session, every “dig deeper” challenge, and the financial investment.”

Kristina Ingles, ’13 (and MASL ’16) Worship leader, LifePoint Church, Bakersfield, Calif. Teacher, Bakersfield School District

“The DCP allowed me to keep a promise I made to myself 30 years earlier, to finish my bachelor’s degree. I’m a huge believer in life-long learning and it seemed hypocritical for me to tell church planters and other young leaders, ‘Continued learning at all stages of your life is essential…’ when I had seemingly stalled out on my chosen degree course. The DCP has prepared me to proceed toward my master’s degree and better equipped me as a leader to face the challenges presented by our rapidly-changing world.”

Nico Kay, ‘14 Pastor, Nashua, New Hampshire

“The Degree Completion Program has been the best way for me to engage my college studies. With five weeks to focus on each subject, I increased my focus and capacity to learn. The online format and professor accessibility also helped me to complete my work in the midst of a busy travel schedule. I highly recommend this program for any busy leader!”

Ashton Fish, ‘15 Next Gen Director, Southern California District of Foursquare Churches


Who should enroll in the BAML?

Ideal students are highly motivated, involved in some type of ministry or outreach which may or may not be vocational, and range in age from late 20s to 50+.

I went to LPC 20 years ago. Will any of those credits transfer?

As long as they fulfil curriculum category requirements, yes. Because L.I.F.E. and LPC did not require as many General Education units in the past, it’s possible that you may need to pick up some of those units at a community college or through other options.

I went to a community college and earned an A.A., but I didn’t take any Bible courses. How do I earn the 12 outside credits in the Bible category?

LPC offers several distance learning classes that will fulfill this requirement. You can enroll in these classes before, during or after you complete the BAML.

Can I get credit for non-accredited college or institute work?

It depends. The registrar can evaluate all of your prior academic work and let you know which courses credits are transferable. You may need to provide prior school catalogs and course outlines in order for non-accredited or institute work to be evaluated.

Must I take all of the BAML courses if I have earned more than 75 units previously?

Yes. All 45 BAML units are required for the major. The only exception is for previous LPC graduates who are earning a second B.A.; they are only required to take 33 units.

What courses are included in the curriculum?
Ld310 Foundations for Leadership
Bi328 Biblical Interpretation
So411 Christian Counseling
Bi329 Old Testament Foundations
Th405 Biblical Theology of Leadership
Ld410 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership
Co311 Conflict Management
Bi331 Jesus and the Kingdom
Gm309 Church Dynamics
Bi429 Reconciliation in Romans
Gm403 Intercultural Ministry
Ph303 Leadership Ethics
Gm404 Mentoring and Team Building
Th412 Theology and the Christian Life
Gm417 Emerging Models of Ministry
How much time should I plan to devote to study in the BAML?

Students should plan to devote an average of 12-15 hours per week to study, spread out throughout the week.

Is there a particular time schedule I need to follow each week?

One of the advantages of the BAML is that you can customize your study time based on the demands of your own personal schedule. However, you should plan to set aside pockets of time spread throughout the week to work on coursework. Essentially, you’ll need to do each week’s reading at the beginning of each week, access the discussion board midweek, and submit written work before midnight each Sunday.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information about BAML admissions, including transcript reviews, contact Linna Martz, Admissions Counselor for Adult & Graduate Studies at or 909-706-3011.

More information: Program Fact Sheet | Course Descriptions | Apply Now.