Degree Completion

Everyone knows it’s not how you start the race, but how you finish that matters. Chances are that you started your educational pursuits well, but then got sidetracked along the way. Maybe you’ve come to realize that completing your bachelor’s degree is something you cannot put off any longer—it’s at the core of achieving your calling and your true leadership potential.

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry & Leadership

Program Information

The program is designed for busy working leaders who don’t have time to attend a traditional college program, and fits around the demands of family and ministry. You will be studying with a group of serious, like-minded students in a rigorous and professionally-focused academic program.

Benefits of the program

  • Attend classes online from anywhere in the world
  • Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership from a regionally accredited college
  • Pursue your degree without leaving your place of work and ministry or uprooting your family
  • Complete your degree in 18 months
  • Competitively priced tuition and financial aid opportunities

Director of Adult and Graduate Studies

Remi Lawanson, Ph.D.
Remi earned his Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2007. Since that time, he has taught as adjunct faculty for Fuller, Biola University, Azusa Pacific University, Life Pacific College (also known as LIFE Bible College) and Whittier College. He also serves as adjunct professor for the South Africa Theological Seminary, supervising the research work of students completing their graduate degrees.

Program Structure

The program requires students to complete 120 units in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ministry and Leadership. Students must transfer in 75 units, 60 upon entrance. The curriculum consists of 45 units offered in a sequential structure over 18 months.

Discipline Entrance Req. DCP Curriculum Completion
Bible/Theo 12 18 30
Ministry 9 9
General Ed. 33 18 48
Open Elec. 30 33
Total 75 45 120

Pace and Length

The program is offered in an accelerated cohort model. It will consist of 15 courses offered one at a time, for five weeks each. Students will enter the program with a cohort of 12–20 other students and take each course in sequence according to a pre-designed schedule. The entire program (45 units) will take 18 months to complete.

Ministry Formation

Student learning extends beyond their coursework. While in the program students serve in a ministry setting of their choosing, applying their experiences to their studies. Feedback from mentors and peers helps students refine their ministry skills to become their best.

Credit for Experience

Many adult students have engaged in learning outside the formal classroom. You may be able to turn experiential learning into valuable college credits through our Credit for Prior Learning option. Students can develop a portfolio demonstrating their experiential learning, and earn up to 30 transferable units.

Tuition & Scholarships

Cost & Aid for 2015-16
Degree Completion Tuition (Per Unit) $450.00
Program Tuition $19,800
Books $50-100 per class
Intervarsity Bible Software $125
Estimated Total $21,425

All licensed ministers are eligible to receive a 25% scholarship. Students are eligible to apply for all federal and state financial aid programs.

Class Structure

Each class meets online for five weeks. Students should expect to put at least 12–16 hours a week into their coursework. There is no residency requirement for students in the online program.

Dynamic Curriculum

Ld 310 Foundations for Leadership Bi328 Biblical Interpretation
Gm 403 Intercultural Ministry Ph 303 Leadership Ethics
Bi329 Old Testament Foundations Gm 309 Church Dynamics
Bi331 Jesus and the Kindom Co311 Conflict Management
Bi429 Reconciliation in Romans Gm404 Mentoring and Team Building
Th405 A Biblical Theology of Leadership So411 Christian Counseling
Th412 Theology and the Christian Life Ld410 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership
Gm417 Emerging Models of Ministry


“This DCP experience was very positive! It worked with my schedule and the classes were of immediate practical value to me because of my active ministry role. The degree also qualifies me for entrance into a Master’s Program!” – Laurie Cathers Co-Pastor Living Faith Christian Church

“I had a tremendous experience in the program. The relationships that I built over the 18 months of attending were invaluable to the learning experience. The class format and load were very appropriate for the working student. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the DCP.” – Marvin Enriquez, Chaplain Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, CA


Who should enroll in this program?
This program is designed to fit around the demands of family and ministry and to enable those who do not have the time to attend a traditional college program earn a Bachelor’s degree. Ideal students are pastors and those actively serving in church ministry who wish to enhance their ministry and leadership abilities. As this is a degree completion program, candidates will need to have some prior college education to build upon.

What is the format for this program? Will I have to attend classes in San Dimas?
Students complete the program entirely online with a cohort group, so no class attendance is required.

How do the online courses work?
Though at a distance, you will be able to develop ongoing collaboration and mutual student support. The online courses will incorporate text, audio, and video content delivery as well as require interaction through asynchronous discussion boards. The structure of LPC’s online classes includes substantial interaction between instructor and student and among students through online discussion and feedback.

How much time should I expect to put into the program?
Students should expect to put at least 12-16 hours a week into their coursework.

I went to LPC 20 years ago. Will all or any of those credits transfer?
As long as they fulfill an area in the curriculum, yes. At that time there was not as much general education required at LPC, so you may need to pick up some units at a community college.

Do I need 60 credits or 75 credits to be enrolled in the program?
You can enroll with only 60. You can earn the other 15 along the way if you do not have them prior to entering.

I am going to do my Bible units through Distance Learning. What classes should I take?
We recommend taking: Intro to Biblical Literature, Pentateuch, Synoptic Gospels, and History of Ancient Israel. Click here to find out more about LPC’s Distance Learning courses.

How do payments work?
Payment in full (or arrangement for financial aid) is due one week prior to the start of each class. For students unable to pay for all classes at the beginning of the term in full, payments can be made for each class one week prior to the start of that class. Payments after the one week deadline may result in a $50 late fee.

Can I get credit for non-accredited college of institute work?
It depends. We can evaluate all of your prior academic work and let you know exactly what you can and cannot receive credit for. You may be requested to provide prior school catalogs and syllabi in order to help us evaluate any non-accredited work. Non-accredited work may also help you develop your credit for prior learning portfolio.

Do I have to do the whole program even if I have earned more than 75 units previously?
Yes, you need to take all of the classes (45 units) in the major. You can use excess credits for electives, up to 30 units. The only exception is for previous LPC graduates who would like to do the DCP to earn a second degree. You are required to take only 33 units.

How do I get credit for life experience?
In your first class, Foundations of Leadership, you will be shown how to develop a portfolio of experiences and make a formal request for credit.

Who do I contact for more information or to apply to the program?
If you would like more information about this program, please contact the DCP Admissions Office at 800-510-8169 or e-mail us at

More information: Program Fact SheetCourse Descriptions | Apply Now