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Ready for some experience and hands-on training? Life Pacific College believes in the value of experiential education, all students in the traditional programs are required to participate in an experiential-based program once they enter upper division studies, whether it is a semester- or summer-long.

Program Information

Our internships are a valuable experience that provide Life Pacific College students with the opportunity to serve in a general or specialized ministry context to develop their leadership, relational, and pastoral skills.


“Being an intern at a local church really helped me to see the different factors that played a part in the decision making process. What I saw and learned about leading an event effectively with the cultural factors is that in some way you have to become aware of them all. To be effective is to listen to those internal and external thoughts on ministry and how to best apply the gospel message to those needs!” -Micah Faulkner ‘12


In order for a student to participate in an internship program for credit, they must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be approved by the office of Ministry Formation, Student Life, and Financial Aid. Students must also complete the student internship application form through the school and have been approved for upper-division student status. Students will be interviewed by LPC approved host sites of interest with final approval granted from the Director of Ministry Formation and the prospective host site.


Who should enroll in this program?
All students who are eligible for upper division courses may enroll in the Internship course, but Internships without academic credit may be done at any time.

What is the program schedule?
Schedules differ from internship to internship. Students typically spend 10–20 hours per week but some summer sites may be up to 40 hours per week.

Host Site Options

Ministry Internships
For students who are called to ministry within the local church. These internships will develop each individual’s capacity to both serve and lead in their area of vocational calling. Students will have opportunities to engage in hands-on ministry and will better define their sense of calling and understanding of their ministry calling. These internships will place students in the geographic locations they would like to serve upon graduation. Throughout the course of the internship students will learn how ministry is taking place in these locations, and how they can participate in what God is doing.

Business Internships
For students who are interested in working for or starting their own business or non-profit organization. Administration, leadership, servanthood, financial management, and planning and development are just some of the components of these internships. Students involved in a business internship will gain hands-on experience in order to equip them to be effective and highly valued members of businesses and/or to be imaginative leaders who develop their own organizations.

Human Development Internships
This program of study is intended for students planning to pursue a career in the helping professions (family ministry, social work, children or adult services, those who desire to do graduate work for certification in a variety of fields: counseling; clinical, educational, or counseling psychology; marriage and family therapy; human development; or social work). Those considering careers in education may also find this a good foundation for continuing on to certification.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Pacific College Internship Host Site, email AJ Zimmermann at


  • Application

    If you are upper-division approved, you can begin the internship application process.

    Business and Human Development students must first schedule a meeting with their chair of their department to talk about their internship goals. The chair will then direct the student to the Ministry Formation office when appropriate to begin the internship application process.

    Biblical Studies and Transformational Ministry students will need to pick up an internship application from the Ministry Formation office to begin the application process. All internships must be approved by the department chair through the internship application process.

Application Deadlines

Student Internships

  • Summer 2015 – Friday, March 6, 2015
  • Fall 2015 – Monday April 6, 2015

Host Sites

  • Summer 2016 – Friday, December 4, 2015
  • Fall 2016 – Thursday March 24, 2016

Students who are interested in understanding and experiencing the organizational and leadership structure of Foursquare and also for those who are are looking for more clarity in how they will serve the Lord, these internships provide a vast array of experiences from which to draw.