Life Pacific College partners with several academic organizations to provide scholarship opportunities and course credit to students who have fulfilled specific requirements through an approved program. Our partnerships include the Emerging Leaders Network, Foursquare Institutes, and the Ignite Academy. Students who have fulfilled the requirements of a partnership are encouraged to apply for the relative course credit and scholarship programs.

Emerging Leader Network

LPC is currently in discussion with the Foursquare National Church Office to determine how they can best develop a new partnership that supports the academic training of ELN students and encourages them to consider LPC as the place to complete their college degree. More information will be posted as final decisions are made, hopefully by March 31 at the latest.

To learn more about Emerging Leader Network, visit

Foursquare Institutes

Life Pacific College views Church-based institutes as partners in the education and training of ministers. The College is committed to supporting institutes by providing numerous services including consultation on academic and instructional matters, curriculum, and potential granting of credit for institute work toward LPC degree programs. LPC has set up these services in conjunction with the Foursquare Institute Office and we encourage Foursquare churches considering establishing an institute to refer to the Ministry Institutes’ portion of the Foursquare Church website at for additional information.

Click here for a list of course listings that are available to Institutes.

What type of curriculum support does LPC offer?
Institutes can use LPC’s course material in a group setting in either an Independent Study (for-credit) or Institute Manual (non-credit) format.

What is the difference between the Independent Study (for credit) and Institute Manual (noncredit) curriculum?
Independent Study courses offer college-credit from LPC to their students. Award winning courses developed by LPC faculty (LPC courses have been awarded seven ACCESS Course of the Year awards sponsored by Christianity Today) Students pay tuition ($150/unit) and receive college-credit from Life Pacific College. LPC handles grading and student records.

Institute Study Manuals are modified versions of the independent study course materials. The College makes the manuals available for institutes and students who would like access to the same curriculum without paying the tuition or earning college credit.

Institutes can use Independent Study Courses and Institute Study Manuals side-by-side in the same classroom.

How do I get started?
For-credit Independent Study
Choose the course/s your institute is going to order. Determine which students will be taking the course for credit, and have them fill out a non-degree seeking application. Send in the applications along with your course order. Please include a check or credit card information for your entire order.

Please place your order at least four weeks before you intend to begin your course. Students who are ordering for credit materials can order books through MBS Direct or alternate online book sellers.

Non-credit Institute Manuals
Institutes may download the curriculum from a password protected site, reproduce as many copies as needed for their students, and use the material in their institutes however they see fit for the following per course annual fee: 1–20 courses $100; 21–50=$200; 51–100=$300; 101+=$500. Institutes will self-report the number of courses they expect to produce.

Institutes can order books through MBS Direct or alternate online book sellers.

Supplemental Course Materials
Besides textbooks, many of our courses include supplemental materials for which we have obtained copyright permissions. The permissions granted to us to use published material within our courses only applies to students who are enrolled in courses for which they are paying tuition to LPC. Therefore, due to copyright laws, we are not able to provide appendix items that are not owned by LPC. We will provide you with the text and page number of articles we use to supplement our course materials. Your institute will be responsible to provide your students access to the material and ensure compliance with copyright laws.

Will institute credits transfer towards a B.A. degree?
Institute graduates who want to transfer to Life Pacific College’s on campus or online degree completion program may receive credit for institute courses that meet specific standards regarding faculty qualifications and coursework. Formal institutes that have demonstrated the potential to send a significant number of students to LPC can pursue articulation agreements with the College. The agreement allows institutes to inform their students on what courses will transfer to LPC.

To learn more about these resources, or to discuss other ways your institute can partner with Life Pacific College, contact the Distance Learning Department at (877) 851–0900 or

Ignite Academy

Program Info

Ignite Academy, an extension campus of Life Pacific College, concurrently enrolls students in accredited college classes through Life Pacific College. Students have the potential of earning an AA degree or units toward furthering their degree in General Studies. (64 units equals an AA degree).

Extension Site Director

Mike Larkin, Ph.D.
Mike has served in the community as a YMCA executive, in the local church as an associate pastor, at Foursquare Missions International as the director of missions and at Life Pacific College as a full time professor. He has earned Bachelor’s degrees in theology and organizational management, an M.B.A. with emphasis in non-profit and international business leadership, and a Ph.D. in Missiology with emphasis on global leadership.

Please visit Ignite Academy’s website for more information on the program and how to apply:

Degree Completion at the Ignite Academy

This program is designed to assist in service leaders who desire a flexible college program that fits around the demands of work, family and ministry. The ideal students are those who are full-time pastors, part-time youth leaders, and anywhere in between, and who are highly motivated. Ignite graduates that are continuing for a 3rd and 4th year at the Ignite Campus are ideal candidates and can work together in a Cohort Style.

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