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Alumni Stories

From coast to coast and around the world, LIFE alumni are making a global impact! Read stories about our alumni and the many ways they have been contributing to our world and supporting our current students.

Levi & Christy Martin Class of 2005

When Levi ’05 and Christy (Tate) Martin ’05 left the classrooms of Life Pacific College, they probably didn’t expect the Lord to bring them back to Christian higher education. Now, both serving at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon, they’re finding that God is leading them on an exciting journey. Here, Levi and Christy reveal their journey that breaks the mold of traditional ministry. In addition to serving at Multnomah University, Levi and Christy are also involved with The Oregon Community, a church plant by LIFE alum Ryan Saari ’02. They are also working together with Ryan, fellow church members, as well as others from the community to establish a non-profit pub (organizationally separate from the church) with proceeds going toward non-profit organizations in the Portland area such as Habitat for Humanity, Portland Rescue Mission, and Compassion First.

Christy: “I can see how my education at LIFE, coupled with the work experience I was accumulating while I put myself through school, led directly to where I am now. My whole experience at LIFE was so critical to my spiritual, emotional, and mental development. When I was asked why I would want to work at Multnomah, I realized it was because I care about the whole Bible college experience. The biblical training I received at LIFE, the skills that I learned, and development I went through while I was there – those were all very transferrable skills I needed to progress in life.”

Levi: “I got what I expected from LIFE – ministry preparation – but what I never expected was the real academic preparation for graduate studies that I received. You just have to follow God one step at a time. He took me to LIFE and the ministry preparation, biblical studies, student ministries, and collaborative input from faculty I experienced built a foundation for a life of ministry.”

Christy: “For parents who are looking for the Bible college experience for their child, I would tell them that now is the time to really hold your children with completely open hands. I think going to Bible college, regardless of the vocation your child will eventually end up in, is an incredibly unique opportunity for personal development. While any college is great for a student’s growth, Bible college integrates that development with faith. Another benefit is that your child will have leaders who are really turning to God for everything, especially where students are concerned. I want parents to be reassured that their kids are in good hands and that they are making a great decision by choosing to go to Bible college; it is just one of the most life changing and potentially amazing experiences for a student. You may not directly use a Bible college degree in your employment, but you will use a Bible degree no matter what – because you need it for life.”

Levi: “Simply put, trusting God is no different if you find yourself working for a for-profit business, parachurch organization, non-profit agency, or overseas missions ministry. Trusting God is the same no matter what He requires of you. He is not surprised if you don’t follow a traditional model of ministry. God wasn’t shocked that I didn’t end up as a youth pastor. I was shocked, but not God. He knows what He’s doing. It wasn’t that youth and church ministry wasn’t where God was leading us – we were there for a while until He led us here – I think I had limited God with my own expectations.”

Christy: “When I was a student I failed to realize how much people invested in me. I know and trust that the same thing is happening in the lives of other students, alumni, and people who are part of the Kingdom here on earth. It’s exciting to see people grow and transform. LIFE was a big part of that for me.”

David Stone Class of 1974

David Stone ’74 and his wife Nancy currently serve as area missionaries for The Foursquare Church in the Caribbean. Life Pacific College is committed to provide opportunities for students to make the globe their classroom and learn beyond the confines of the campus. Here, David shares how his time at LIFE prepared him for the mission field. “My time at Life Bible College was very positive. It was a really good experience for me that laid a solid foundation for my life and kept me on track. The theological and practical training I received at LIFE was very helpful in preparing me for ministry, and I was able to apply the biblical lessons I learned in the classroom to my practical, daily life.

During my time at LIFE, I went on a missions trip led by Dick Scott to Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama. Going on that trip was instrumental in confirming my call to missions. Now, serving as the area missionary for the Caribbean, I am involved in leadership training and development, church planting, and networking with churches across the United States, the Caribbean, and in neighboring countries.

I highly encourage all LIFE alumni to support the college with prayer and finances when you have the opportunity. Also, please ask the Lord to raise up new missionaries and release sufficient funds for ministry. Lastly, consider getting involved in local missions trips and supporting missions through your local church.”

Kaity (Cirrincione) Harmon ’10

Since graduating in 2010, Kaity (Cirrincione) Harmon’s life has been on a fast track of transition. Just a month after Commencement, Kaity and Luke ’10 got married and became the young adults pastors at The River’s Edge church in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Kaity serves as the Admissions Counselor at LIFE and is also pursuing studies in cosmetology. Here, Kaity speaks about the importance of giving back to those who invested in you.

“I’m excited about the future of LPC. As the Admissions Counselor, I have a huge responsibility in helping determine which prospective students are the ones God has called to be here. Our staff often prays for incoming students and I think their future and the future of the college is very bright. More people are applying, more people are coming, and the quality of students is definitely raised.

When I was a student, I was a part of the Presidential Leaders Scholarship Program. I learned so much in the classroom, but it was during my internship where I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to real life ministry. Working alongside Foursquare leaders also helped me understand the realities of ministry and what it takes to be a pastor and leader. One of the best parts of being a LPC student was building relationships with my fellow students and Foursquare leaders. I’ve always loved Foursquare, but I LOVED Foursquare once I really got to know the people and their hearts!

I’m proud to be an LPC alum and giving back is something that I’m really passionate about. That’s why I invest my time and money at LPC. Someone invested in me, and I think anyone who has been a student here has received a huge investment – probably more than we know. I know going to school requires sacrifices of time and finances, but what you receive is so far beyond what you pay into it. I see it as returning the investment. I believe that it’s a good thing and it’s a God thing. I’ve been given so much by this school and I love that I get the opportunity to give back. I was blessed by an incredible scholarship and it truly changed my life. Experiencing that, I want to help other people experience what I did.

Anyone can give to the college – alumni, friends of the college, current students – and it doesn’t have to be just financial giving. You can start by getting connected with us on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Just being informed about what’s happening on campus will help you know where you fit into the LIFE family. You can also ‘adopt’ a student by writing letters, hosting internships, and inviting them to attend your church. There are so many possibilities.

I would encourage alumni to be aware of what the Lord is doing on this campus and through the lives of our students. Ask Him to speak to you about how you can give back, stay connected, and get involved. Do everything you can to always remain a part of LPC’s heritage and future.”