Life Pacific College's Biblical Studies Program, chaired by Professor Mark Duzik, has secured an articulation agreement with Azusa Pacific Seminary (APS). The agreement allows LPC graduates, possessing a B.A. degree from Life Pacific College, to apply approved courses (see below) to fulfill requirements for Azusa Pacific Seminary's masters degree programs. This articulation agreement affirms the quality of LPC's education, programming, and faculty. LPC students can be sure that they are receiving a top-tier education and have incredible opportunities awaiting them upon graduation.

For undergraduate courses to be considered for graduate credit, they must be completed with a grade of "B" or better with a demonstrated competence in the subject matter by means of a term paper or research project completed for the course and approved by the undergraduate Life Pacific College faculty, and submitted to the APS faculty. Prior to enrollment in courses, the Request for FAST-TRACK Advanced Standing Credit form should be completed. Students must provide documentation within the first 12 months of their admission in APS.

The following chart identifies and correlates courses that may be used for possible Advanced Standing credit:

Approved Course Substitutions

LPC Undergraduate Courses APS Substitution Required Grade/Paper
Bi360 Using Greek Exegesis (3) and Bi431A Exegesis of I Peter (Greek) (3) GBBL 500 Elements of Greek Exegesis (4) or GBBL 510/520 New Testament Greek I/II (6) Grade
Bi362 Hebrew in Exegesis (3) and Bi462 Hebrew Exegesis of Amos (3) M.Div. language requirement (4) or GBBL 530/540 Hebrew I/II (6) Grade
Bi345 Genesis (3) [with Bi230 Biblical Exegesis Practicum (Inductive Bible Study) (3)] GBBL 511 Biblical Interpretation (4) Paper
Any two of the four following courses:
Bi301 Romans (3)
Bi403 Prison Epistles (3)
Bi405 Corinthian Epistles (3)
Bi420 Early Pauline Epistles (3)
GBBL 532 Paul the Pastor & Theologian (4) Paper
Bi301 Romans (3) GBBL 552 Epistle to the Romans (3) Paper
Bi445 Isaiah (3) GBBL 591 Isaiah (3) Paper
Th401 Old Testament Theology (3) GBBL 641 Theological Themes of the Old Testament (3) Paper
Hi408 History of Christianity 1500 to Present (3) GTHE 513 Church History II (3) Paper
Th320 Theology II (3) and Th420 Theology III GTHE 584 Christian Theology (4) Paper
Gm 316 Foundations of Youth Ministry (3) GMIN 501 Foundations of Youth Ministry (3) Paper
Gm309 Church Dynamics (3) and Gm404 Mentoring and Team Building GMIN 505 Ministry Life & Leadership (4) Paper
Gm442 Ministry and Culture (3) GMIN 528 Contemporary Issues in Ministry (3) Paper
So411 Christian Counseling (3) and So420A Counseling (3) or So460 Counseling Practicum (3) GMIN 548 Pastoral Counseling and Church Health (4) Paper

The cost for the approved Advanced Standing courses is $50 per unit. Once the student has provided proper documentation that is approved by APS, the student will be credited for the course(s).

Units will be posted according to the number of units received in the undergraduate course (3), up to the maximum units allowed for the APS graduate course (4). Students can request a maximum of 18 units for the 74-unit M.Div. degree program; 15 units for the 60-unit MA(TS); 12 units for the 48-unit MAPS degree, and 10 units for the 40-unit MATUL degree.

A maximum of two APS courses may be substituted in each academic discipline: Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, or Ministry. Language courses are counted separately from the two Biblical Studies courses maximum. Depending on the APS graduate program they enter into, an LPC graduate who maximizes the transferable units from approved courses would save between $4,700 to $8,500 on cost of APS tuition.

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