LPC Press Room | April 27, 2017

Life Pacific has another published author on campus. Dr. Dan Stewart has been a professor at LPC for 30 years. The college honored him this month for 30 years of outstanding service at the college. He is a trusted mentor of countless students, alumni, pastors and missionaries. He himself has been a pastor in Texas, Oregon and California. He was president of LPC for 5 years. He has done missionary work in Africa for 40 years, built churches there, ran medical clinics and crusades. He leads teaching trips through Israel. Now, portions of the wealth of knowledge and experience he has are in a book, 20 Feet Deep: How the Sermon on the Mount Kept Me From Drowning!

In a very unique way, Dr. Stewart has come across a method to use the Beatitudes as an outline to the Sermon on the Mount. Discovered nearly 30 years ago, this has become a resource for discipleship, teaching series, and a source of how we can measure our growth in Christ. Any pastor would benefit from this book, using it as a template for teaching the Sermon on the Mount.

Every time Dan takes a group of students to Israel and stood at the place where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount, Professor Stewart says, “Someday I will be here with a book I am going to write about the Beatitudes. This year I am going to have that book, and I am going to give a copy to everyone in my group, and I will probably cry.”

In addition to having his book published, Dr. Stewart continues in his role as Executive Director of Church Relations at LPC. “My heart finds it place in the calling, purpose, and direction of local church, and how Life Pacific students engage with them.”  When Dr. Stewart speaks in churches, he invites the pastors to join the President’s Church Network (PCN).

PCN was created for the purpose of building a reciprocal and mission significant relationship between the College and the local church. Senior pastors have enjoyed having Dr. Stewart and LPC students lead their services, from worship through the sermon. One pastor reflected on how good it was for he and his wife to sit with the congregation and be ministered to by a pastor they deeply respect. Another pastor commented on how refreshing it was with vibrant students leading Holy Spirit filled worship. PCN members enjoy other benefits such as access to some of the College’s curriculum and facilities. LPC is grateful for the financial support PCN churches provide.

When asked why he likes to see other churches partner with LPC through PCN, Dan said, “Investing in future pastors, counselors, worship leaders, youth ministers and missionaries is vital. Without investing in the future we haven’t one.”

Dan believes in the future ministers that occupy the 8 classes he currently teaches at LPC. He recently invested donated funds into a Life Pacific alumnus who is building a school in Myanmar to help get girls out of human trafficking. He’s partnered with donors to build 4 churches in Kenya, and purchase land for a school for disabled children.

“It is unwise to not invest in the coming generation. That’s what Life Pacific does. That’s’ what you can do.”

To support students, academic programs, and missions, like the ones Dan shared about, go to partner.lifepacifc.edu/donate.

For information on joining the President’s Church Network go to lifepacific.edu/pcn.

Dr. Stewart's book is available on Amazon and iBooks. Click or tap here to view the book on Amazon. 

Contact Dr. Stewart to speak for your speaking engagement: dstewart@lifepacific.edu.


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