Rod Light | August 29, 2017

Ministry leaders, mission executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are earning graduate degrees through Life Pacific regional cohorts in Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, California, Texas, and even in Singapore.  

By: Rod Light

A growing number of ministry leaders, mission executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders are expanding their leadership and effectiveness by earning a graduate degree with Life Pacific (University). Across the board, students agree about the personal growth they experience, the quality course material they receive, and the longevity of personal relationships they carry with them into the future.

“I love the variety of topics we cover in the MASL program,” says Paul Glenn, Statesville campus pastor at the Cornelius, N.C. Foursquare Church and a member of the Cascadia cohort who began the program in July 2017.

“The speakers are rich in their relationship with God, in faith, and in passion for what they teach. God is using the MASL to crystalize who I am as a leader.”

“The speakers are rich in their relationship with God, in faith, and in passion for what they teach. God is using the MASL to crystalize who I am as a leader."

Students in the program offer a wealth of diversity that enriches the learning experience for everyone. MASL cohorts represent millennials, generation Xers, baby boomers, and veterans, with balanced representation of male and female students. LPC President Jim J. Adams says, “The broad experience of each person in the cohort is what makes our MASL program so valuable to our students.”

Dr. Remi Lawanson, MASL program director, gives God the glory for the success of the cohort model and the MASL program. “Each cohort presents opportunities for students to develop healthy lifelong ministry, business, and personal relationships,” he says. To date, 250 students have graduated or are participating in the MASL program at Life Pacific.

In 2015, Dr. Sam Rockwell, Gateway District supervisor and then-LPC Board of Trustees chair, initiated a new pathway for Foursquare pastors and leaders to complete their graduate studies. The Gateway District hosted the first MASL regional cohort in Denver, Colo. Since 2015, regional cohorts have been formed representing the Heartland, Southeast, Northeast Atlantic, Central Pacific, and Southern California Districts.  

In July 2017, the MASL Cascadia region cohort emerged from a partnership between North Pacific and Northwest Districts. The cohort had its year one residency in Portland, Ore. in July, while the year two residency is scheduled for Seattle, Wash. in July 2018.

Launching January 2018, our first international degree program will provide graduate level education for Foursquare ministers and the larger Christian community who live and serve in Southeast Asia. In partnership with TCA College of Singapore, a Christian, Pentecostal college with like-minded values as LPC, the new program will serve prospective students in nations where The Foursquare Church has vibrant works. Marking another first for LPC, graduates of this global cohort will receive diplomas bearing the names of both TCA and LPC, making them alums of both institutions – an added bonus for our graduates.

With an eye on locations with culturally distinctive opportunities and challenges, Remi says students are now registering for new regional cohorts across the U.S.:

·      The Pacific Southwest District – classes start January 2018

Residencies in San Dimas, January 2018 and 2019.

·      Gateway and MidSouth Districts – classes start July 2018
Year one residency in Denver, July 2018; year two residency in Dallas, July 2019

The locations are strategic, according to Remi. “They are locations with a growing number of bi-vocational pastors for whom the MASL degree program offers development opportunities in their areas of ministry calling and other vocational engagement.”

Scholar-practitioners serve as faculty in the program and bring executive leadership, ministry, entrepreneurial, business, and personal experiences to the classes they teach. Remi says the goal of the MASL program is for students to become agents of transformation in their organizations, congregations, and communities.

As transformed leaders are enriched and affirmed in their calling and ministries, God is using the Life Pacific MASL to impact entire regions throughout America and around the world.

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