Rod Light | September 28, 2017

LPC alum Bobby Archuleta earned his bachelor’s degree from Life Pacific in three stages on two coasts. But then, that’s not very unusual for someone like Bobby.

By: Rod Light

Headshot of Bobby ArchuletaBobby Archuleta earned his undergraduate degree in three stages, on two different coasts, and three different programs – all within the Life Pacific family. You might think his journey was unusual. Not really. Not for Bobby.

His coast-to-coast education began at Ignite on the campus of Life Pacific in San Dimas. With encouragement from his friends and family, Bobby moved from Southern California to Virginia to help establish what is now LPC-Ignite, first as a student and then as a staff member. While working at LPC-Ignite, Bobby completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry and Leadership through Life Pacific’s online Degree Completion Program (DCP).

Bobby’s time at LPC-Ignite allowed him to engage in leadership and business operations, primarily through a mentoring relationship with Dr. Mike Larkin, President of LPC-Ignite. It was through this relationship that Bobby discovered his passion business and strategic thinking.  

“The culture at LPC-Ignite helped shaped my perspective of ministry and what it means to live a life on mission for Christ,” Bobby says. “Mike Larkin showed me how to be an entrepreneur, lead with grace, and think strategically about the vision that God entrusted to him for Ignite.”

He credits the leadership courses in the LPC Degree Completion Program with his ability to build community, to collaborate with teams, and to work within a largely digital environment. “Students at LPC benefit from a supportive, Christian environment where they can explore new pathways toward their future bolstered by a solid Foursquare history and ministry fruitfulness,” Bobby says. “I’m glad I followed in the footsteps of my dad (Bob Archuleta '82) and decided to attend Life Pacific College.”

While volunteering in Nairobi, Kenya, Bobby saw the pieces come together and his future begin to take shape. It was on this ministry trip that he identified his passion for serving and collaborating with others to solve world issues through business. This realization led him to enroll in an innovative graduate program at Hult International Business School in San Francisco where Bobby earned a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship.

Students and staff meeting at LPC-Ignite

“My graduate program included students representing 30 different nations and I was glad I had been taught during my undergraduate studies about cross-cultural leadership and cultural awareness,” Bobby says. Collaborating with students from Europe, Africa, Latin America, South America and Asia was eye-opening for Bobby, especially as assignments called for group discussion about controversial issues such as universal health care and the environment.

“My education at LPC and LPC-Ignite taught me to empathize and listen to the worldviews of other people,” Bobby says. “Working in teams in the classroom and in the field allowed me to develop patience with others and the ability to manage conflict within groups in order to accomplish our objective.”

While in graduate school, he worked as a consultant for Net Impact, a non-profit organization based in Oakland, Calif. that “mobilizes new generations to use their skills and careers to drive transformational social and environmental change,” according to the group’s website. Before he graduated, Bobby was hired by the company and within three months was promoted to his current role.

Today, Bobby is Senior Manager of Systems at Net Impact. In this role, he utilizes his skills in systems thinking and his passion for using business for good to increase the impact of the organization by improving its internal systems, training staff, and developing new ways to engage students and professionals who aspire to use their careers for good.   

Bobby Archuleta holding child while on a mission trip.

As a student at Life Pacific College, Bobby says his call from God was unusual. God did not call him to serve a specific people group or to serve in a specific place. Instead, “My calling was to support people who have a vision for solving specific issues through a business venture,” he says. His calling is international in scope and he believes God has even bigger dreams ahead for him and his leadership in the future.

Bobby Archuleta’s journey continues and we’ll all just need to fasten our seatbelts to see where God takes this LPC alum. 

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