At Life Pacific College, we know that the Kingdom of God is diverse, representing people of all nations and cultures, which is why we are committed to diversity in the LPC community and supporting students who have traditionally been under represented in colleges and universities. With over half our student body being students of color and over thirty percent of students being Hispanic and/or Latino, Life Pacific College is proud to be designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution by the Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities. LPC is continuously working to improve support and representation for our diverse student population. One of the ways this is accomplished is by ensuring all students have a voice on campus. The Multi-cultural Student Union is a student organization that exists to empower student voices, foster an environment of unity, embrace and share perspectives of different cultures, and help carry out the mission of the college to develop students into leaders prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world. 

Get Involved

Do you want to build new friendships and expand your perspective? Do you have concerns you want to voice? Do you want to grow as a leader, equipped to serve an increasingly diverse world? Connect with the LPC Multi-cultural Student Union today! You can share your voice and participate in MSU town hall meetings, events, and projects.