lpceditor | October 18, 2013

Brittany La Porte: A Foundation to Dream.

Many high school students desire a college experience that is meaningful, educational and foundational for the fulfillment of big dreams.  The transition from high school to college and making new friendships is where it often begins.

This is the case for LPC alumna, Brittany La Porte. As a 2013 Life Pacific College graduate, Brittany is currently pursuing a master of arts degree in management at a local university, something that for her, fulfills a long time dream.  According to Brittany, her LPC experience prepared her successfully for graduate school.

Upon graduating high school, Brittany desired to attend a school that would provide her with a Christian education and allow her to experience the culture of on-campus living. More importantly, she was looking for a school that would help her answer the question, “What am I going to do when I grow up?”  LPC provided the perfect setting to meet all of her wishes.

 The Life Pacific College experience

As she considered college choices, Brittany was intrigued by LPC’s challenging curriculum and the dynamic professors who were visibly committed to the students. In addition, the campus community culture and the opportunity for  dorm life quickly caused her to fall in love with the school.  Her decision was quickly finalized after she attended a preview day. Experiencing those elements in an “up close and personal” way motivated Brittany to apply to LPC.

Integrating Business and Bible

As a freshman, Brittany realized she was passionate about both ministry and business, but she had no idea how the two could possibly work together. However, through the combination of general education, theology and practical ministry courses which included Foundations of Ministry, Cultures, Ethics and many more, Brittany began to see the possibilities of business as mission.

Brittany said the biblical foundation she gained in her undergraduate studies continues to be key as she pursues a master’s degree.   “There is a duality to the educational goals at LPC.  We are taught to think both critically and spiritually,” she said, explaining that  LPC gave her the tools to succeed both academically and spiritually. 


For Brittany, community interaction with LPC peers, faculty and staff, was a tremendous asset. “I have made friends at LPC that I will have for life,” she said.  “The supportive and mission minded community was a significant strength to me.” She credits LPC with helping her become a balanced and biblically grounded individual who is on her way to fulfilling her dreams.

There are many students currently at Life Pacific College who will take their education and experience to the marketplace, becoming leaders in their communities, churches and companies. LPC is proud to be offering a new Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in fall 2014. This degree is designed for students who are passionate about business as mission, non-profits, small business or business administration to serve in the marketplace and the local church. To learn more about undergraduate programs click here