Jessica Stewart | December 14, 2016

Heather Brown is living God’s dream for her life. He has given her a business plan to help the people of Nepal support and sustain their families, and she developed her plan as a student in the Business Administration program at Life Pacific College.

Not surprisingly, God has been at work in Heather’s life since she was a little girl. At 12-years old she participated in her first mission trip serving among Navajo people on a reservation in Arizona. Along the way, Heather was stunned at the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding her. The sunset overtook the horizon, with changing colors of burnt orange and deep pink. The red rock mountains were endless and breathtaking.

Then, Heather drove into the projects where the Navajo people lived, and was stunned in an entirely different way.

Dodging large potholes and stray dogs, she saw dilapidated houses and young children playing in the dirt. The first family Heather met had seven people living in one bedroom…with no running water. This broke her heart. The injustice drove her to serve the Lord by serving the underprivileged – wherever the need, at home or abroad.

Heather’s question was, “What is the most effective way to serve?”

God’s plan for Heather brought her to Life Pacific College, to the Business Administration program, where she was able to answer that question. She found exactly what she needed to pursue God’s call on her life. This month, Heather graduates with her bachelor’s degree in business administration from LPC and will put her learning to good use serving the people of Nepal, where the need is great.

“This is the story of a student who was not sure what business activity she would engage,” says Dr. Mick Bates, LPC business administration program chair. “Now, she has written a viable business plan during Senior Seminar which, paired with her past two years of serving as an intern with Foursquare Missions International, will be a blessing for the people of Nepal.”

Heather is one example of how God is using LPC students to impact the world through a variety of academic programs relevant to the needs of people today and fully aligned with our core biblical mission.

We educate students like Heather, uniting their passions with their love of the Lord to serve His people.

We educate students like Heather, uniting their passions with their love of the Lord to serve His people.

You can partner with us by contributing to the program of your choice at LPC. To support students like Heather, you can give to the business administration program, or you can support priority needs with a gift to the Life Fund.

Thank you for helping us prepare students like Heather Brown today to lead the world tomorrow.