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Announcing New Concentrations Offered at LPC

Exciting News

The faculty at Life Pacific College continues to develop ways for our students to receive an education relevant to their ministry interests. As a result, beginning in the 2013-2014 academic year LPC will offer five concentrations from which students may choose as they complete their B.A. in Biblical Studies or B.A. in Transformational Ministry.

A concentration is a group of four courses that the faculty selected to provide students with a broader grounding in particular fields. The student’s concentration will appear on his or her transcript and indicates that the student has placed particular emphasis on developing knowledge and skills in that area of study.

The concentrations (and the courses that make up those concentrations) are:

Pastoral Ministry
    Preaching Practicum
    Ministry Practicum
    Healthy Church Development or Church Multiplication
Youth Ministry
    Foundations of Youth Ministry
    Ministry and Culture
    Preaching Practicum
    Child and Adolescent Development
    Child and Adolescent Development
    Advanced Counseling
    Human Sexuality
Worship Arts
    Music Theory I
    Introduction to the Arts
    Principles of Music Technology
    Music & Worship Leadership
Intercultural Studies
    Spiritual Gifts & Evangelism
    Missionary Life: Principles & Practice
    Language & Cultural Learning
    Cultural Anthropology or Comparative Religions

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