Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

Competent Christian Communicators that Influence Change

Founding Chair of the new Communication degree program wants Life Pacific students to become competent Christian communicators who bring positive change in society, and to view communication in the Church and in the marketplace as ministry, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

By: Rod Light

Earn a BA in Communication at Life Pacific College from Life Pacific College on Vimeo.

Dr. Henry Kyeyune, founding chair of the bachelor of arts in communication at Life Pacific College, has high aspirations for the new program scheduled to launch in fall of 2017. 

He hopes to graduate competent Christian communicators who will impact the world for the kingdom of God. He says, “Students will be challenged to use communication for the public good, for social causes while expressing God’s love, justice, and mercy in a culturally diverse society.”

Skilled communicators are a highly sought after commodity in ministry and the marketplace. Student interest in a communications major is high at LPC, consistent with other American colleges and universities where Communications ranks #2 out of top 10 majors, according to The Princeton Review.

Dr. Kyeyune says the approach to communications education at LPC will “dare students” to be like Christ in their communication, to develop their character as “they are challenged to be ethical, gifted communicators in the Church and in the workplace.”

A few years after receiving Christ as a teen, Dr. Kyeyune was baptized with the Holy Spirit and began to serve his local church with young people. As a youth leader, he discovered the need for innovative ways to communicate the gospel through media and began to search for training to meet the need.

“God led me to pursue an education in schools that integrated faith and learning in every aspect of life,” he says, and his training led him from his homeland in East Africa to the United States where he pursued his doctoral degrees in the field of Communications.

According to Dr. Kyeyune, students in the LPC Communication program will be introduced to 1) argumentation and debate for those interested in politics and advocacy; 2) writing for media and multimedia journalism; and 3) digital media production for those interested in film, television, documentary, and advertising.

In addition to a clear application of these skills for the Church, students who graduate with a communication degree will find a growing field outside the Church with a need for professionals who have a strong Christian witness. The California Department of Labor projects that in the current decade the demand for media and communications workers will grow by 11%. Imagine the impact LPC graduates will have in secular media for the kingdom of God.

Students in the communication program will also complete LPC’s 30-unit Bible/theology core along with required ministry courses, a foundational requirement for all LPC traditional, undergraduate programs. LPC Academic Vice President Dr. Michael Salmeier says, “This preparation helps students minister to people and engage in the public and private teaching of God’s word, offering a solid foundation for someone entering vocational ministry.”

In a press release to the college community, Dr. Salmeier wrote: "Dr. Kyeyune's education, experience, and ministry commitment make him a great fit for Life Pacific and our new Communication program. We welcome him as he leads this program dedicated to helping students prepare to be those who communicate Christ effectively and creatively in diverse fields."

Dr. Kyeyune received his Ph.D. in Mass Communication and Media Arts from Southern Illinois University. He also holds masters degrees in Communication from Wheaton College and in Christian Ministries from Daystar University in Kenya. Dr. Kyeyune taught communication at Daystar University for 12 years. He has also taught as adjunct faculty or instructor of record at Mississippi College and Southern Illinois University. Dr. Kyeyune's professional experience includes working at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, as well as Trans World Radio and WETN College Radio.


By: Rod Light, M.A., an ordained Foursquare minister, LPC adjunct professor, and Communications Coordinator for Foursquare Missions International.