Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

Donor Spotlight

Kiel (’11) and Stacey (’07) Harvey saw a need for Christians to “step up” and make an impact in the world beyond the traditional roles of ministers in the church. As Kiel says, “Christians need to be leaders and influential in other roles, especially the business world.”

The Harveys are both encouraged by the growth of the LPC Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. “LPC has always done a great job of developing graduates with strong Christian character,” Kiel says. “Having the Business Administration program adds high pragmatic capability in business to the already high character of our graduates.”

To support the program and to encourage students to pursue their degree at LPC, Kiel and Stacey have established the Harvey Family Business Innovation Scholarship. The idea is to support one or more students for all four years of their time at LPC. But this is not an ordinary scholarship.

The scholarship is to be awarded to someone who, in addition to meeting some basic criteria, must “Show an entrepreneurial mindset, one that demonstrates an ability to see, evaluate and take action on an opportunity.” The Harveys see this as a way to encourage a student who is “not afraid to fail” and has initiative to “make something happen.”

Dr. Mick Bates, the Chair of the Business Administration program, encourages students such as the ones targeted with this scholarship to consider Business as Mission. This is a way to utilize business strategies to “promote the advance of God’s kingdom through transformational social, economic, environmental and spiritual change."

Dr. Bates comments, “I know the heart Kiel and Stacey have for the Lord and for our students. For them to establish a scholarship like this, which will allow us to attract and retain talented ‘difference makers’ at LPC, is truly a blessing.” Kiel and Stacey currently live in Arizona with their two children Ezra and Lila.

If you know a student that may be a potential Harvey Scholar, encourage them to apply at: