lpcwm | January 3, 2014

Everyone knows it’s not how you start the race, but how you finish that matters. For many in-service leaders, young adults, moms or those seeking second career opportunities, the online BA in Ministry and Leadership program has been an answer to a Big Dream!

Adult learners are returning to college in droves and dreaming of new horizons. Twenty-first century educators offer more opportunities than ever before. Personal growth, spiritual development, and new vocational prospects, are all greatly enhanced through lifelong learning. We invite you to consider LPC's specialized, efficient, and highly affordable programs for working adults desiring to return to college.

Our non-residency Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion program means you can complete your degree, day or night, from anywhere in the world. Whether you have an AA degree or the equivalent, or are just starting out with college units, we can help.

Education That's Worth It

Those who complete their bachelor’s degree earn more than 50%
more per year than those with some college or no degree at all.


• Start with 60 Transferrable Units
• Complete your degree in 18 months online
• Enjoy flexible and accelerated learning
• Engage peers and professors in a cohort setting
• Make life-long friends
• Benefit from a regionally accredited program

Current DCP students share their thoughts:




"I am LOVING DCP and I am extremely thankful that Life Pacific College made it possible for us (Ignite Academy Students) to be a part of this program. I truly believe it's a huge part of why I am thriving so much this year. I am learning so much that is enhancing everything I'm experiencing, and it makes full-time ministry manageable! Thank you!!!" -Brehanna Ryssemus, Christiansburg, VA




"I love being able to do the BA Degree Completion Program because it separates out my education into focused, fast paced classes while giving me the freedom to work and do ministry. I have been able to travel with ease coast to coast while not missing any classwork or assignments. As long as I can access the internet, I can access the tools necessary for education." -Greg Ruston, Brea, CA



"Life Pacific College's Degree Completion Program has allowed me to finish the Biblical education that is necessary for me to be equipped in a life of ministry while allowing me to live in different places, especially the place I love the most, the Northwest." -Josh Simon, Maple Valley, WA



"I am so thankful for an opportunity like the BA in Ministry and Leadership Degree Completion Program. It has allowed me to minister and get the degree that matches God's calling upon my life. It is empowering me to be the leader that God has called me to be and preparing me further for life." -Alex Robertson, Beaverton, OR



"The program is great because it allows me to be in school while also doing everything else that I love to do. It opens opportunities for me to meet and learn from people who live all over the country" -Jessica DeVlieger, Rockwell, NC

Maybe you’ve come to realize that completing your bachelor’s degree is something you cannot put off any longer—it’s at the core of achieving your calling and your true leadership potential. Now's the time to find out more about LPC's online Degree Completion Program.






For more information go to: lifepacific.edu/academics/degree-completion/