President Jim J. Adams | December 15, 2016

You will agree that the act of giving does something to a person – the giver and the recipient as well. God intended each of us to find ways that we might bless others and to give with the outcome of transforming lives.

At Life Pacific, we have some truly awesome people who faithfully give of their time, their prayer, and their finances so that our students can benefit from expanding programs and opportunities. Each donor has a story to share about why they give to LPC and how much the college has meant to them or their loved ones. They model for all of us God’s intent for giving in that they care more about the needs of others than they do about their own needs and wants.

Each December, I am moved by the response from some of our most accomplished students who have been blessed with our Dream Big Scholarship. These are young men and women who have done everything humanly possible to pay their tuition but still cannot completely pay their bill; they are students with a demonstrable call of God on their lives who excel in their studies and in life. When we tell them that generous benefactors of the college have paid their tuition and that they can return for the Spring semester, they are shocked and thrilled. The seed of giving these students receive will bring forth a harvest of transformation in future generations of givers, just as God intends.

When I think of giving and generosity, our faculty and staff immediately come to mind. They give above and beyond throughout the year, often without accolades or recognition, diligently reaching a struggling student or affirming a colleague along the way. They give a part of their lives away for the sake of our students and each one epitomizes the sentiment of King David when he declared that he would only give the Lord an offering that cost him something (1 Chronicles 21:24 and 2 Samuel 24:24).

Yes, giving does something to a person. It helps us appreciate others and to recognize the hopes and dreams of people we love. Giving puts others first and demonstrates authenticity because gifts generally cost us something.

As we celebrate Christmas this year, I pray you will experience the true gift of God through Jesus Christ and that His presence will sustain you in the New Year. Then, I pray you will enjoy the simple act of giving so that the life of another person is better than it was before. This is God’s intent for all of us.

Merry Christmas!