Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

Life Change Through Generosity

Mercedes Martinez didn’t know what was about to happen. The LPC freshman got an email saying that President Jim J. Adams wanted to see her. But why?

By: Rod Light

LPC freshman Mercedes Martinez loves life-changing moments, big and small ones.

When she got an email saying that President Adams needed to see her, she knew it was going to be a life-changing moment for her.

Her entire journey to Life Pacific College was a miracle and she enrolled believing that God had called her and that He would help her pay for her education. Throughout her first semester, she worked hard to pay her tuition and diligently put her heart and soul into her classes.

Then, the challenge came. With all sources of income maxed out, Mercedes found herself ending her first semester short and with a tuition bill that had to be paid before she could enroll for the spring semester. She had no choice but to consider dropping out of school.

Then, she got the email from President Adams.

With mixed emotion, Mercedes and several other students walked up the stairs and into the president’s office. Staff, faculty, and other students were there to greet them. They all had smiles on their faces.

Mercedes was one of 14 LPC students to receive the 2016 Dream Big Scholarship, a gift from friends of Life Pacific who wanted students like her to stay in school. President Jim J. Adams started this scholarship four years ago to rescue high performing students in unusual financial predicaments and help them remain in college.

Many of our first Dream Big scholars have already accomplished their dream of earning a bachelor’s degree at Life Pacific.

Mercedes was astonished, but not altogether surprised. God had promised to provide, and He did – in a big way. The relief was immediate, not only for Mercedes but also for other students in the room.

She gets teary-eyed reflecting on a friend in the room that day that faithfully worked multiple jobs and still needed money to settle his bill. He had already planned to work full time during the break and on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve to make enough to pay his bill. “God provided for him too,” Mercedes thought! “What a miracle.”

“One thing I’ve always known is that God intends to use me to change someone’s life,” she says. “I love how the simple act of a few can change the lives of so many.” Now, Mercedes knows firsthand what that kind of life-change is all about.

By: Rod Light, M.A., an ordained Foursquare minister, LPC adjunct professor, and Communications Coordinator for Foursquare Missions International.