lpcwm | September 25, 2013

Luke La Vine: A Passion for Spiritual Health

As the fall 2013 semester begins at Life Pacific College, many of us are wondering, “Who are these new students? What are their stories?” To help identify with some of these new students, we interviewed Luke La Vine.

Luke is a transfer student from San Diego who attended different community colleges before identifying with the mission and values of LPC.

His story, perhaps a lot like yours or that of other people you may come across, begins with a heart for the Gospel. Luke’s passions include teaching, pastoring, shepherding, and discipleship.

Luke’s application process involved stress, decision-making, and prayer, as he came to the realization that his decision to attend Life Pacific College was based in a true calling and passion to be a disciple.

LPC: a different approach to learning

Luke describes himself as a scientific, methodical thinker, while curriculum at Life Pacific College is basically historical and philosophical in nature. For Luke, coming to LPC has been an opportunity to truly make his education all about God, and to allow his positions to be affected by God’s influence through the Spirit. Another thing Luke noticed is that teachers at LPC provide personalized focus for each student. “At my community colleges and at the other Christian colleges my friends attend, the curriculum is very regimented and routine,” he explained. “LPC has a dynamic ability to both meet criteria and develop relationship, by building up each student individually.”

Influenced by a peer and a pastor

Before he considered LPC, Luke had a passion for health food and holistic medicine. One day, in a service at his church, a girl approached him with a word stating that a person’s outer health is just as crucial as his or her spiritual health. Luke realized the correlation and recognized that God was calling him into ministry. The influence of his pastor, who was also a graduate of LPC, influenced him positively through the years.

People who care

One of Luke’s goals for his time at LPC is to participate in and help further the development of community, discipleship and mentoring here on campus. “We have one of the highest concentrations of people who care,” he said, explaining that he believes that the students here are passionate about both their studies and their spiritual development.

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