Rod Light | November 21, 2016

Life Pacific College will achieve a 90% completion rate for graduate students in our regional cohort when they graduate from the Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership (MASL) program in 2017.

Program Director Dr. Remi Lewanson says this completion rate is higher than the national average of non-MBA graduates (66%), and MBA graduates (86%). He says the effectiveness of the MASL regional cohort program is due to the strategic partnership between LPC and Foursquare districts. Participating districts encourage leaders and pastors to enroll and then provide scholarship assistance for those who enroll in the MASL regional cohort.

“The regional cohorts are effective in part because the curriculum is contextualized for leaders as they navigate challenges and explore opportunities in their own region,” Remi says. “Students are encouraged to use their MASL capstone research project to address region-related opportunities, making the research immensely valuable to other congregations, ministries, and business ventures in their local areas.”

“The regional cohorts are effective in part because the curriculum is contextualized for leaders as they navigate challenges and explore opportunities in their own region.” 

Another reason the program is successful, according to Angie Richey, LPC Vice President of Enrollment, is because of the content-based approach with no tests or memorization. “Far from static, the program is engaging, invigorating, and inspiring,” Angie says. “The cohort bonds through thoughtful dialogue and shared experiences.” Dr. Remi explains, “LPC MASL courses are taught by faculty members who are excellent scholar-practitioners bringing huge executive leadership, ministry, and personal experiences to the classes.” Further, “MASL alumni are becoming agents of transformation in their organizations, congregations, as well as communities and thereby strong voices for the MASL program.”

Dr. Sam Rockwell, Gateway District Supervisor and former LPC Board of Trustees Chair, initiated the regional cohort in the Gateway District blazing a new pathway for Foursquare pastors and leaders to complete their graduate studies without leaving home. Since the initial regional cohort in 2015, a joint partnership between the Heartland, Southeast, and Northeast Atlantic Districts has launched with the collaborative support of Supervisors Dan Mundt, Bill Gross, and Peter Bonnano.

MASL cohorts are multigenerational representing millennials, generation Xers, baby boomers, and veterans with wide cultural diversity and balanced representation of male and female students.

Beginning January 2017, Central Pacific and Southern California District leaders will use our LPC San Dimas campus as home base for a shared regional cohort. Remi says Supervisors Dr. Dennis Easter and Ron Pinkston have been highly supportive as the program prepares for launch.

As the MASL regional cohort program continues to grow, two other neighboring districts – North Pacific and Northwest Districts - plan to add a new innovation in 2017. A residency requirement in the program will be shared between the two districts with Year One Residency scheduled for Beaverton, Ore. in July 2017 and the Year Two Residency slated for Seattle, Wash. in 2018.

“The broad experience of each person in the cohort is what makes our MASL program so valuable to our students,” says LPC President Jim J. Adams. “God uses the MASL program to help them experience new perspectives, see new insights, build new relationships, and expand their horizons.”

Vice President Angie Richey says the regional approach makes it more realistic for working ministry professionals to complete their graduate program residency closer to home and complete coursework in the comfort of their own homes or offices. “Students use their current professional or ministry context, apply learning theories from the program, and engage complex leadership topics together through online message boards,” she says.

Further, Angie says the two-year program bonds leaders as friends and colleagues for a lifetime and they take those relationships into their places of ministry for the Kingdom of God.

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