MRamos | December 4, 2013

Leading up to our mission to Mexico, I could sense the fragile nature of my heart with the expectancy of what God had in store. It felt as if my heart was made out of fine crystal glass. At the start of our trip, the Lord asked me to loosen the grip over my heart. As soon as I did this, what I handled with so much care, was immediately placed in the hands of our team, the Godwins (our host family), the people of Rosarito, and ultimately, Jesus.

We shared our testimonies and played with local children at a church in Vista Marina. The next day, we cleaned the church and then painted it. We ministered to the youth during the launch of their youth group. We ended the day at a rehab for men, where we listened to their stories and prayed with them individually. The weight on my heart was too much for me to bear, yet I’m thankful for this. My heart was shattered by everyone as I saw the love and power of Christ move and transform lives. Walking in obedience unto the Lord led me to this experience.

Saul lost the Lord’s blessing as king because he was afraid of men and gave into them. My plans for my future have been shattered, but I have peace. Jesus is asking me to allow Him to put my heart back together. Friends and alumni of Life Pacific College, let’s be a people who radically walk in obedience.

Moises Ramos is a sophomore at Life Pacific College and is currently interning at Foursquare Missions International.