Rod Light | December 9, 2014

Bernie Federmann, senior pastor, chaplain, and LPC graduate, has always been a fan of Life Pacific College. He believes his education while a college student helped prepare him for a lifetime of fruitful ministry and also opened the door for him to become a credible influence in his community for the Kingdom of God.

Bernie recognizes that he is in good company. Consider just a few of his classmates and another generation of leaders after them who are making a significant difference, all LPC alum like Pacific Coast and Valleys District Supervisor Dennis Easter, LPC President Jim J. Adams and local church pastors Paul Kuzma, Scott Tuttle, and Steve Abraham, among many others.

Throughout his ministry career, Bernie has always made a priority of training a new generation of leaders. But he also recognizes his personal limitations. “I wish I could train more young leaders and give them great theology and practical training,” Bernie says. “But I can only do so much.”

That’s why Bernie’s support for LPC is as strong today as it has ever been. He is committed to seeing future generations of leaders prepared well for God’s calling in their lives.

Last year, Bernie was asked to speak for a chapel service at LPC. That morning before he spoke, he spent time on campus and mingled with students over a cup of coffee. The presence of God was tangible as he talked with students and heard them clearly speak about God’s purpose for their lives.

Bernie experienced firsthand the potential of these students and he was reminded why he is such a fan of LPC.

Life Pacific College also offers endowed scholarships like the Risser Endowment made possible by generous benefactors of the college. These endowed scholarships help provide tuition assistance in perpetuity for future generations of LPC students.

Through grants made possible by the Foursquare Foundation, LPC is able to help fund student scholarships including the Life Grant for children of licensed ministers who maintain a 2.5 GPA, and whose parents maintain an active ministry appointment.

In addition to the scholarships provided by the college and its benefactors, LPC students also have at their disposal nearly limitless scholarship opportunities from outside sources.

He recalled what life was like when he was a student walking the halls at what was then called Life Bible College. He remembered graduating from high school and almost immediately becoming a college student fully immersed in ministry training. He had been heavily involved in his high school youth group at the Burbank, Calif. Foursquare Church (now Media City Church), and as a college student became a mentee of Pastor Charles Baldwin at Santa Monica Foursquare Church.

“My wife and I were given opportunities to speak, lead worship, work on church facilities, and participate in church council meetings,” Bernie recalls. The experience helped prepare him for his future role as senior pastor at the Sylmar Foursquare Church at age 22. During the eight years the Federmanns served in Sylmar, the congregation grew. More than that, the couple established a pattern of working with other young leaders and helped prepare them for their own service in pastoral ministry.

In 1986, the Federmanns were appointed as senior pastors at Lompoc Foursquare Church in Lompoc, Calif. and have served there the past 28 years. During that time, they have earned the respect and recognition of people in the church and also in the community.

Bernie is the lead chaplain for the local police and fire departments. He has served as Public Safety Commission Chairman and on several occasions has been named as Honorary Commander at Vandenberg Air Force Base. He recently completed a four-year assignment as the Civic Leader at Vandenberg, a prestigious honor that included touring with a national team of 35 individuals who met with high level elected officials and numerous generals on military bases throughout the country.

Yes, Bernie Federmann is a fan of Life Pacific College, but not only for the sake of nostalgia alone, or for what the college has meant for him. “LPC was founded by the Foursquare clan,” he contends. “Many pastors, leaders, and marketplace Christians have received solid training there.” He is a fan of LPC because of the way the faculty and staff serve God by equipping a new generation of leaders who passionately want to reach the world for Christ.

Further, Bernie believes LPC is a worthy cause of support for every Foursquare leader and congregation.

“LPC is an extension of The Foursquare Church and every one of us should be supporting the effort to raise up leaders now and in the future.”

“I see LPC as an extension of my heart, and of my church,” Bernie concludes. “Through LPC, I am able to invest in the lives of people and feel a sense that I and my church are raising up strong leaders for the Kingdom of God.”

Rod Light, M.A. is an ordained Foursquare minister, LPC adjunct professor, and Communications Coordinator for Foursquare Missions International.