lpcwm | September 5, 2013

Press Release

New Bachelor's Degrees: Human Development & Psychology and Business Administration

September 2013

President Jim J. Adams is pleased to announce the launch of new bachelor's degrees in Human Development & Psychology and Business Administration, beginning in the fall of 2014. Both degrees will include 30 units of Bible, theology, and biblical integration across the curriculum. "These added degree programs were enthusiastically endorsed by our board of directors (during Connection 2013) in Orlando in May," affirms Dr. Glenn Burris, president of The Foursquare Church. "What we dreamed is becoming a reality." In addition, the college launched five new BA concentrations this fall, which include Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, Intercultural Studies, Worship Arts, and Youth Ministry.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Michael Salmeier states, "LPC is excited for the opportunity to apply its 90-year tradition of quality biblical education in helping our graduates prepare to serve Christ in new fields. We have been listening to our current and potential students, to alumni and parents, to national and local church leaders, and tracking trends in higher education. More importantly, we have sought the Lord to discover how best to further LPC's commission to educate leaders for a lifetime of ministry in a rapidly changing world."

Life Pacific College has provided quality education and preparation for ministers since 1923. Along the way, it has produced a large contingent of graduates who are bi-vocational. These graduates became teachers, social workers, counselors, lawyers, small business owners, authors, and lobbyists, among others things. In each case, they took their biblical education and their passion for the lost and applied it all over the world.

With an eye to LPC's past and an awareness of present and future ministry, these new majors intentionally focus on equipping leaders for ministry both in the church and the marketplace. Dr. Sam Rockwell, who serves both as supervisor of Foursquare's Gateway District and chairman of the LPC Board of Trustees says, "Our new majors signify more than expanded options: they represent depth and breadth in our commitment to prepare students for life and ministry. All new majors are anchored in a Bible core, and our rich theological perspective at LPC informs the full spectrum of life, encompassing psychology, business, and organizational leadership. Our school is not merely adding conventional options; we are 'speaking into' these areas of life with a unique intellectual and prophetic perspective."

Along with the existing Biblical Studies and Transformational Ministry majors, the new options include:

  • Human Development & Psychology 2014 - Prepares students with an interest in the helping professions including counseling, social work, social justice, and teaching. This degree also provides a strong foundation both for pastoral and family ministry and for continuing on to graduate education or certification.
  • Business Administration 2014 - Prepares students interested in business as mission and equips them to lead new endeavors, from church plants to non-profits to small business, for the glory of God's kingdom. Administrative pastors will also find this to be a valuable degree.
  • Worship Arts & Media 2015 - Prepares students for worship arts with technical skills in a well-rounded manner. This degree incorporates the basics of ministry and leadership through the arts with the use of digital media and technology.

"In the midst of a changing world, the Church must be effective in our approach to mission," says Tammy Dunahoo, general supervisor of The Foursquare Church. "LPC is doing just that by providing opportunities for students to be educated in areas that can fund their ministry -- as well as opening missional doors for church 'outside the box' while at the same time staying true to our core focus of training leaders for a lifetime of ministry. These are exciting days for LPC!"

Another advantage for students is LPC's affordability. LPC is one of the lowest-priced regionally accredited private four-year institutions of higher education in California, according to a June 28, 2013 release of data from the College Affordability and Transparency Center of the U.S. Department of Education. The department's latest information shows LPC in fifth place out of 63 California schools listed, in terms of both affordable tuition and a low net cost of education. In addition, LPC is the second least expensive faith-based college and ranks third in lowest net costs overall in this group.

Life Pacific College is hosting its annual Preview on October 3-5, 2013. More information can be found by clicking here.