Rod Light | August 24, 2016

Skilled communicators are a highly sought after commodity in ministry and the marketplace and Life Pacific College aims to prepare Christian leaders to help meet the demand.

The California Department of Labor projects that in the current decade the demand for media and communications workers will grow by 11%. Student interest in a communications major at LPC is at the top of the priority list and The Princeton Review says such a major in American colleges and universities ranks #2 out of top 10 majors.

Most important among the LPC community is the preparation of graduates to effectively share the gospel in a global context. To meet this growing need, Life Pacific will launch a new communications major in Fall 2017, pending accreditor approval.

The communication degree will prepare people to “bring the good news into the marketplace,” says LPC Academic Vice President Dr. Michael Salmeier. “This preparation helps students minister to people and engage in the public and private teaching of God’s word, offering a solid foundation for someone entering vocational ministry,” Michael says.

Students in the communication program will also complete LPC’s 30-unit Bible/theology core along with required ministry courses, a foundational requirement for all LPC traditional, undergraduate programs.

LPC Vice President of Enrollment Angie Richey observes that employers are looking for graduates that have the degree, knowledge, and application skills necessary to work in the communication field. “In this program, students will get firsthand experience doing field work, learning how an organization or ministry is managed based on their core values and strategies, adapting to team culture, and functioning with high levels of accountability when it comes to expectations, deadlines, and outcomes.”

Angie describes students who will benefit most from the new communications major as those who are first and foremost committed to Christ, desire to integrate personal faith with practice, and view their lives as a ministry. “We are looking for dynamic students who are passionate about communication and translating a message that will be received and understood – clearly, creatively, and strategically,” she says.

In addition, Michael says students will gain the skills to engage in evangelism and edification at high levels and employ those skills in diverse fields for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Angie agrees and adds, “Students will be prepared to grasp theoretical aspects of language and its effect on diverse cultural and social groups. Most important, students will understand communication itself – a vital human behavior in every field.”

Beyond the classroom, student internships in the new communications major will help students put learning into practice. “They will learn the hard and soft skills necessary at marketing companies, sales offices, business start-ups, public relations firms, magazines, and non-profits, so that they can land desired jobs after graduation,” Angie says.

Michael Salmeier says every decision made about academic programs at LPC is focused on mission. “The world needs to hear the good news about Jesus and Christians skilled in communicating, understanding persuasion, and capable of using new media technologies are able to enter the marketplace and reach the harvest.”

LPC’s new communication program will equip students to live in relationship with others, share the life of Christ in the work they do, and be effective ministers of the gospel as they serve in the church and the marketplace.

*Pending WSCUC and ABHE approval











By: Rod Light, M.A., an ordained Foursquare minister, LPC adjunct professor, and Communications Coordinator for Foursquare Missions International.