President Jim J. Adams | April 27, 2017

As I look around my office, I see photographs that remind me of students I have taught around the world, and global learning experiences that have changed my life. I pray that every Life Pacific student will one day look at photos from their international experiences and share similar memories of personal transformation.

One of my favorite countries is Ethiopia. The rich ancient culture, heritage, and history are celebrated constantly through its society. As I look around my office, I see photographs reminding me of former students and colleagues I met while serving there. Photos from other global assignments bring back fond memories as well, and I thank the Lord for global learning experiences that have contributed strongly to my life and leadership.

Life Pacific is blessed with a network of alumni and Foursquare ministries around the world who partner with us to offer Global Life (study abroad/study away) experiences for our students at the same cost that a traditional student will pay living on campus in San Dimas. The only additional cost to students is the price of airfare.

"Many other colleges and universities strive for the gold standard of global learning that Life Pacific offers all our students today."

Since 2012, Global Life at Life Pacific has sent a semester-long study-abroad cohort for 12 weeks of travel and learning using LPC graduates as team leaders. Today, these students represent business administration, biblical studies, and transformational ministry majors. The cohorts live and learn in places like North Africa, Israel, and Spain, often enjoying home stay situations with local families who help students learn the local language and customs.

Other Life Pacific teams and interns serve globally in Osaka, Japan and Bielefeld, Germany alongside LPC alum, Foursquare pastors, and Foursquare Missions International (FMI) workers.

The partnership with established workers and ministries around the world is a hallmark of our Global Life connection as part of the DNA of The Foursquare Church. Other colleges and universities tell us they could do so much more in their global life programs if only they had “people” living and working in those places. We’re proud to say that we have those people and making it even sweeter, many are LPC graduates!

FMI Missionary Ann Lantry (’09) serves in Osaka, Japan, and is instrumental in helping Life Pacific teams and interns immerse themselves in Japanese culture. For the past two years, LPC Global Life Assistant Jenna Spolar has led student teams to Osaka to work with Ann and another alum Sam Quiroa (’15).

Sam was Life Pacific’s first intern in 2014 and while serving in Osaka, God confirmed that Japan was where he should serve the Lord after graduation. Sam received his degree and Foursquare licensing and then bought a one-way ticket to Osaka. He now pastors Hope Chapel Osaka, Japan.

Global Life experiences are indeed life-changing. Not every student who visits another country will become a missionary, but every student will have a transformed perspective on the world and the cultures they encounter.

Four years ago, when LPC leadership restated our mission statement, vision, and values, we made sure to embed deeply the concept of global life. Reaching the world is a critical part of our mission, and we are committed to providing our students with multicultural interaction and learning on our campuses and around the world.

I pray that every Life Pacific student will one day look at photos like those in my office reminding them of their international experiences and memories of personal transformation.