Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

Reflections on The Windows

By: Jim J. Adams, Ed.D., LPC President

Our chapel has western facing windows that stretch from floor to the soaring ceiling. At eye level and strategically embedded in that wall of glass are four symbols in stained glass that convey for all who pass by what we value at LPC.

We walk by The Windows nearly every day, often multiple times each day. The warmth of the California sun illuminates four images, recognizable and significant. Hues of red, blue, gold, and purple radiate through the cross, cup, dove, and crown representing the four-fold ministry of Jesus as revealed to Life Pacific’s founder Aimee Semple McPherson.

For the past 27 years, since LPC moved to San Dimas, countless students, faculty, staff, parents, pastors, and alumni have experienced the warmth of the California sun shining through these windows. As I hurried past them recently, the Lord stopped me. I paused for a moment and wondered about the many generations yet to come who will experience the warmth – and the significant truth – represented by these beautiful works of art.

Throughout history, scholars and preachers alike captured core beliefs and values in windows like ours, crafted of leaded or stained glass.

A friend planted a congregation in northern California that meets in a former convent. The nuns who lived and served there held a commitment to pray constantly for victims of accidents and natural disasters – a unique call to be sure and one that we probably only fully appreciate when we face such a crisis. Surrounding the sanctuary of this former convent were dramatic stained glass windows depicting a train derailment, the sinking of an ocean liner, a car accident, and more.

Grisly? You bet. But also a definite reminder to pray. The windows reflected what these nuns valued, intercession for people with great need.

What do the windows on our campus reveal about us, about what we value, and who we are as a community of believers? This question struck me as I pondered the significance of the cross, cup, dove, and crown – and the depth of truth represented in each pane of glass. The Lord directed me to launch a teaching series during chapel that would highlight for our entire community why these images are important, and what they reveal about our heritage and our future.

Following my presentation in January about the cross and our desperate need for salvation by faith in Christ, several students approached me with testimonies of how they had rededicated their lives to Jesus. My heart was moved by their candor and sincerity and I once again thanked the Lord for prompting me to speak on this theme.

In February, I spoke on Jesus, Our Healer, and invited our faculty, staff, and the local pastors who serve as campus associate chaplains to pray for the sick and troubled following the message. God showed up in miraculous ways as students, faculty, and staff came forward believing God for divine healing.

As ministers of the gospel, we often strive to select inspiring and engaging illustrations for the messages we preach. We are indeed fortunate to have these living illustrations of the four-fold ministry of Jesus built right into the walls of our campus chapel building. Simple enough to be easily grasped but deep enough to require pondering.

I can hardly wait to see what God will accomplish in March and April when we will focus on Jesus, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit and Jesus, Returning King respectively. If you would like to join us for these chapel services and you are in the San Dimas area on Tuesday, March 21 and Tuesday, April 26, please feel welcome in our 10:20 a.m. chapel.

If you cannot be on campus but would like to join us for live streaming online, we invite you to use this link and experience what God is doing on campus and in McPherson Chapel during services this semester.

Finally, next time you have a chance to visit our campus, I invite you to walk by The Windows and reflect anew on what God would like to say to you about who He is and about what we value at LPC.

The Windows will change your life.

By: Jim J. Adams, Ed.D., Life Pacific College President