Rod Light | December 15, 2016

Karli Albanese would rather read a good book about adventure then experience it firsthand. In fact, her idea of adventure is riding her beach cruiser, playing Scattergories with family, or tending to her garden.

Imagine her consternation when LPC experienced a presidential transition the very month she began working as executive assistant to the president! “I struggled to understand why the Lord led me out of a comfortable job with stellar colleagues and placed me in the middle of a major transition,” Karli says.

She soon realized that God had faithfully organized the details of her life so she could utilize her skills for a new president in a new day at Life Pacific College. “Working behind the scenes and managing details is therapeutic for me,” Karli admits. “I am privileged to work with Dr. Adams and our leadership team, to cover our administration in prayer, and to speak life over our LPC community.”

As much as Karli avoids adventure, her husband, Josh, runs toward it. They are complete opposites but share common interests in family game nights and day trips to San Diego. Her bucket list includes visiting Israel, learning to line dance, attending a Billy Joel concert, and cheering in person for the New England Patriots during a game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

One of Karli’s interests is history and knowing the story behind how things came to be. Washington, D.C. is one of her favorite cities and she always discovers something new when visiting the historical sites, monuments, museums, and memorials. Her appreciation for art and beauty draw her to the Getty Villa in Malibu where she can spend hours soaking up the creativity God has placed within people.

She does not consider her life adventurous. Her comfort zone includes intercessory prayer and ministries for the homeless. Still, God may have other adventures in mind for Karli and she is learning to live outside of her comfort zone.

Karli is pondering where she might go on her first ever missions trip, and is open to suggestions. “My desire is that everyone will know God’s love,” she says. “My life was changed when I experienced His love firsthand and I want others to know that love as well.” Digging deeper in her walk with the Lord, Karli wants to know more of the Holy Spirit. “I am captivated by who He is and I’m on a journey to learn and experience all I can about Him.”

As she continues to follow Joshua 1:8, her “guide to success,” Karli says the verse’s clear, concise direction for life keeps her on course. It offers “bottom line” guidance that results in “the benefits of obedience.” Karli Albanese fully embraces that brand of adventure and says wholeheartedly, “Bring it on.”