President Jim J. Adams | November 7, 2013

They first appeared during Welcome Weekend, as students arrived on campus and moved into the dorms.  From the courtyard to the parking lot, whimsical blue-and-gold banners adorned each lamppost, inspiring all who passed to “Dream Big.”  Beneath the banners, oversized white rocking chairs, with “Dream Big” inscribed across the top of each, dotted the campus.

The banners and rocking chairs represent Life Pacific College President Jim J. Adams’ vision: that all members of the campus community would take the time to “dream big” about what God might have for them in the future.  Students and staff alike began to be inspired!  Visitors quickly took notice, and began asking how to purchase additional “Dream Big” rocking chairs.

And so, the Dream Big campaign came alive!  The oversized, inviting “Dream Big” rocking chairs are now available for a tax-deductible $1000 donation.  For every $1000 donated, $750 will go toward the newly established Dream Big scholarship, which provides emergency funding for students whose financial straits would otherwise force them to drop out of college.

Would you consider joining us in helping our students “dream big”?  Order a “Dream Big” rocking chair for yourself, a friend – or the LPC campus! -- today.  It is a wonderful way for you to help financially challenged students be able to stay in school.

Chairs can be shipped to the address you specify. Personal dedication plaques are available for additional small fee.

To get started, select the Dream Big Campaign at

Presidential Vision for Life Pacific College Students

Dream Big!


Following your dreams to discover the calling God placed on your life takes courage, stamina, and the support of an entire community. At Life Pacific College, our big dream is all about your big dream. God-inspired dreams and visions are part of the capacity He builds into every human spirit to know His plans and to explore the pathways laid before us.


Our commitment at LPC is to inspire and encourage you to dream big about the possibilities of a future dedicated to following the unique and individual blueprint God writes in your heart. Whether your dream is about following Christ through preaching, teaching, entrepreneurial leadership, business, counseling, serving social needs or engaging the globe, our goal is to provide the best possible environment for your education and spiritual development.

At LPC, you won’t face a lonely journey. Discovering what God has for your life is an adventure fraught with excitement and even little danger from time to time. Be assured we will walk through this adventure alongside you and help you find the fulfillment of your calling and the achievement of your big dream.

God is relentlessly tracking your trajectory of growth. He will use your hands, heart, and mind to accomplish great things as you yield yourself to the dreams inspired by the Spirit of God. Life is a wild ride, with many unpredictable twists and turns, so enjoy the journey and follow the plan. Grab his hand, and never let go! 

Jim J. Adams Ed.D