Rod Light | November 21, 2016

Growing concern in America about the rising cost of higher education has developed into a full-blown war of words with many calling for cost-free college for every student.

Amidst the rancor and rhetoric, we are pleased to say that 254 of our Life Pacific College traditional undergraduate students received some form of financial assistance in the recent 2015-16 school year, many in the form of scholarships, making their college education affordable if not cost-free.

254 of our Life Pacific College traditional undergraduate students received some form of financial assistance in the recent 2015-16 school year

Some 162 students enrolled for the 2015-16 academic year received a total of $490,223 in institutional financial aid with an additional $111,536 in institutional athletic aid and scholarships provided by individual donors, according to Todd Eskes, LPC Chief Financial Officer.

Student financial aid continues to grow as the college develops new programs and total available aid for the 2016-17 academic year has exceeded $800,000. LPC offers a variety of scholarships to assist undergraduate and graduate students in paying for their education. All students who apply for traditional undergraduate programs at Life Pacific College are automatically reviewed for potential eligibility of all LPC Institutional aid.

Life Pacific College also offers over 65 endowed scholarships made possible by generous benefactors of the college. These endowed scholarships help provide tuition assistance in perpetuity for future generations of LPC students.

Through grants made possible by The Foursquare Foundation, LPC is able to help fund student scholarships including the Life Grant for children of licensed ministers who maintain a 2.5 GPA, and whose parents maintain an active ministry appointment. In addition to the scholarships provided by the college and its benefactors, LPC students also have at their disposal many scholarship opportunities from outside sources.

The LPC Financial Aid Office makes students aware of possible financial aid and scholarship opportunities and also hosts a Scholarship Awareness Week where students are given information and encouraged to apply. The next Scholarship Awareness Week is scheduled for January 30, 2017 – Feb 3, 2017.

Among the many scholarships that LPC has at it’s disposal, perhaps none is more rewarding than the Dream Big Scholarship awarded to high performing students who have exhausted their financial resources and still have a tuition bill to pay.

LPC President Dr. Jim J. Adams initiated the Dream Big Scholarship to bridge the Fall and Spring semesters for students who would otherwise be forced to leave college mid-year. Rather than a conventional scholarship that students apply to receive, the Dream Big Scholarship is awarded to high performing students with a demonstrated call of God on their lives. These students demonstrate diligence as they pursue all avenues of settling the bill with the college but find themselves short.

“Rather than seeing these quality students leave the college, we have been able to retain them and help them devote full attention to their studies and Christian service instead of living under the stress of an unpaid tuition bill,” President Adams says.

A growing number of businesses, donors, pastors, and congregations fund scholarships for LPC students with a unified goal of providing an unparalleled biblical education for marketplace Christians and church leaders with a call to reach the world for Christ.

Christian Higher Education may never be completely free to our students, but with an ever growing number of donors and sponsors, our students can experience a quality Christian education without excessive financial pressure. We invite you to become involved in supporting LPC students through scholarship opportunities as they prepare themselves to change the world for Christ.

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