Rod Light | November 21, 2016

You might find LPC student Cassidy Boatright appreciating the creative genius of God in an art museum or enjoying quiet mornings sipping a blend of Earl Gray tea, agave, and almond milk. Wherever she is, Cassidy is focused on making her life count for God as a worship leader, magazine intern, songwriter, and follower of Jesus Christ.

LPC student Cassidy Boatright appreciates anything visual, from “pretty” handwriting to architecture and from interior design to photo styling. Her greatest desire is to contribute something authentic, beautiful, and meaningful to her community and the world, and she once wrote an entire worship song with another LPC student in one hour.

She knows it doesn’t always go that way. Her life journey has been a more gradual, relational understanding of what it means to trust God, and she works daily to “intentionally invest in the responsibilities and opportunities” that align with the passions God has placed in her heart.

We wanted to know more about what motivates Cassidy and about the work of God in her life. Here is what we discovered.

LPC: How did God bring you to LPC?
Cassidy: I stumbled on LPC in 2014, during my senior year of high school, while on a college road trip to Southern California (I grew up in the San Francisco, East Bay area). In the midst of previewing several other private, Christian colleges, my dad called me with the suggestion to check out Life Pacific College. I scheduled a tour the same day and as soon as I stepped on the campus I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and knew that this was the school for me.

LPC: What is your major and what do you hope to do after graduation?
Cassidy: I am a business administration major and plan to continue working in the creative industry, influencing culture through media. While my passions and skills include graphic design, visual editing, photo styling, team leadership, marketing and advertisement, I am really open to wherever life leads me. Ultimately, I believe my calling is to bring the Kingdom of God to our culture. I am obsessed with podcasts like The Liturgist, Head to Heart by Christa Black Gifford, and GirlBoss Radio.

LPC: Tell us about your current internship.
Cassidy: My internship at Darling Magazine has been nothing short of a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of Darling for years and the fresh, intelligent, unique, and kind voice that it brings to today’s discussion on femininity. Currently, I am the Online Visuals Editor at Darling Magazine. We have a blog that produces and posts original content at least twice per day. My job is to match imagery with this content, innovatively communicating the Darling brand to our online readership between the quarterly print issues of the magazine that they receive.

LPC: Talk about your current relationship with the Lord.
Cassidy: During my time at Life Pacific, I have learned the importance of having a heart that is synced with perfect love. The past two years, I have learned a lot about heart-healing and wholeness which has translated to a lot of personal healing in my own life.

LPC: What is this we hear about you writing a worship song in one hour?
Cassidy: Last year, I had a really amazing opportunity to attend a songwriting forum with Tommy Walker where we were challenged to work with a partner to write a song in one hour. I was paired with Josh McDaniel, a now LPC alum, and we wrote a song called Faithful. This experience was a beautiful expression of God’s faithfulness in my own life and I believe it was a gift from the Holy Spirit. Tommy Walker chose our song as his favorite of those composed that night and we our now releasing it as LPC’s first original single.

LPC: Describe the importance to you of being a worship leader.
Cassidy: Music and worship are foundational to who I am. I’ve been leading worship since I was 12-years old and my passion for worship leadership, songwriting, and musicianship has only expanded. I find this creative expression so important in my life and consider it one of the most poignant ways in which I connect with the Lord. While at LPC I have served as a chapel team leader and have led worship at various churches, outreaches, and camps.

I’m grateful for the opportunities and support that I have received from LPC in the last three years. Ultimately, as a follower of Christ, I want to simply know Him and make Him known. As an artist, I am drawn to reveal truth in whatever setting I find myself.