Life Pacific College: Established in 1923

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Life Pacific College strives to enrich a student’s life spiritually, mentally, creatively and relationally. We intentionally create learning environments that engage and encourage a student to cultivate their gifts and grow as effective leaders. Learn more about our Fine Arts department, the classroom experience and mentoring programs offered here.

Fine Arts

Since 1923, artists have earned their education through Life Pacific College, finding creative ways to communicate the message of the gospel with a relevance that is unique to their culture. Today Life alumni are advancing the kingdom of God throughout the United States and around the globe in a wide range of artistic and creative careers. Graduates are integrating and utilizing their education and training to impact the communities in which they live and the churches in which they serve.

Life Pacific Fine Arts Department is led by Professor Carissa Hawksworth. An artist herself, Professor Hawksworth leads and inspires her students to explore their God given creativity. Students gain exposure to art and theater through field trips each semester. Our metropolitan location, with its close proximity to art galleries, museums, and major academic institutions, makes the San Dimas campus an ideal place to cultivate art education.

The Fine Arts department presents:

  • Two theater productions
  • Talent nights
  • Art and photography galleries
  • Graphic design contests
  • Open Art Lab every Friday 2:00–4:00

To get involved contact the Fine Arts Department at


The classroom experience at Life Pacific College provides students with a biblically grounded education that equips them to advance the kingdom of God. The classroom experience at LPC is made unique by the exceptional work of our world class faculty and the opportunities presented for students to convert their education into action.

Our faculty at Life Pacific College practices a teaching model known as active learning which engages the student and promotes academic discipline. Compared to the lecture model, which allows students to become non-participative recipients of information, students at LPC are expected to be active learners. Our faculty is intentional about fostering classroom discussion, peer collaboration, and teacher-student dialogue. The result is a thriving classroom and students encouraged to take the initiative in their education.

The world-class faculty at Life Pacific College is of the highest caliber. Students have the opportunity to learn from individuals who are highly regarded within their fields. Our professors combine years of scholarly discipline with first hand ministry experience. Their knowledge and experience serves as a resource to students that is not only theoretical but, also, practical.

Students are afforded the priceless attention of their professors. The student-teacher ratio is 1 to 15 which allows for our professors to interact equally with each student. Students will not find themselves lost in the crowd of a lecture hall because our average class size is 30 students, which means each person may receive unique attention and commitment from their professors.

In the classroom, students learn how to apply their theology and education. Courses at LPC take a student from knowledge, to skills, to values. Group discussion and projects are utilized to give students the opportunity to put their theology into action. Professors help guide their students in developing ways to take their education beyond the classroom. At LPC, ministry is not only discussed, but it is practiced. The classroom experience transforms students into leaders who are prepared for a lifetime of ministry.


At Life Pacific College we aim not only to develop a student’s mind, but their character as well. Establishing mentoring relationships is one of the ways we cultivate personal and spiritual development.

At the beginning of their freshman year, each student is assigned a mentor from our faculty or staff. Ideally this relationship will continue throughout a student’s entire time at LPC. Mentors are available to provide students with assistance for academic challenges and to offer guidance for their spiritual life as well. A mentor is the person a student can go to with any questions, concerns, or challenges that may arise throughout their educational journey. Though students are required to meet with their mentor two times each semester, most students visit their mentors more often, because they find these relationships to be spiritually enriching.

Apart from the mentoring provided through the Ministry Formation Program, mentoring also occurs in the Residence Life Program which offers RA and Sponsor support. RA’s and Sponsors meet often within assigned small groups to cultivate peer support, accountability and life long friendship. The mentoring that takes place through Residence Life is unique because it intentionally cultivates healthy and edifying friendships between students.

Worship Team

Student Led Chapels

Every student at Life Pacific College has the opportunity to audition for worship teams each semester. It is our goal at Life Pacific College to train and prepare students who will discover their unique contribution in presenting the gospel in new and creative ways using the gifts and passions that the Lord has placed within them.

If you are interested in being a part of worship teams, contact the Office of Student Life. They hold auditions at the beginning of each semester.

The Office of Student Life
(909) 599-5433