Career Services

Career Services at Life Pacific College equips students with helpful resources for finding a job while in school and upon graduation. Students can receive assistance writing a resumé, training for an interview, or help with applying to graduate schools. Career Services also provides LPC graduates with resources to help them locate ministry positions in a local church.

About Career Services

Ways Life Pacific College graduates distinguish themselves as quality hires:

  • Academic Excellence – show a quality of discipline and responsibility, as well as following through with their desire to learn.
  • Practical Church Involvement – display a character of consistency and commitment to live out what they’ve learned in the classroom.  
  • Internship Experience – represent participation in an intensive practical experience widely believed to be the best type of “real world” training available.
  • License Applicant – demonstrate a seriousness about ministry, and affirmation in their call by Foursquare.

Resources for Current Students:

Are you looking for a job or do you need to know how to write your resume? Check out the following Career Services resources offered.

View available job postings:

Resources for Churches/Other Potential Employers:

Interested in posting a position available at your church or organization, please fill out our form to inform our students of new opportunities.

Set yourself up for success

Whether you’re Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior set yourself up for success by staying on track with Ministry Formation while at LPC!


Explore you interests, skills, values and calling. Talk to your mentor about your calling, ministry interests, and career plans. Learn to serve through Fusion events so that you can lead others in serving which will further develop your leadership skills. Get connected with a local church. Your pastors will become an important part of your network. Completing the Fusion requirements will help you achieve all this.


Start looking for internships and opportunities to lead in a church. Meeting the Elevate requirements will push you to lead in an outreach or at you church. Prepare your resume and continue to update it. Looking into graduate school? Meet with Elizabeth Ingrum and talk about career options for your future and if you are interested in graduate school to find out when you need to apply.


Apply for internships and enroll in the internship course. Completing the Immersion requirements will help you meet people and develop you leadership skills. Build your networking circle and stay connected with people. Start looking at graduate school options or career opportunities. Be sure to build your resume and ask a professor or faculty member if you can do a mock interview. Talk with your pastor or ministry leader about your calling and career plans. Ask one of your professors if they could write a letter of recommendation for you.


Connect with your network and see if there are any job opportunities. Contact Elizabeth Ingrum to find out about available ministry positions. Meeting the Expectations requirements will equip you for after graduation. Look at your resume and add any new skills you have gained. Connect with those around you to build your networking circle. Preparing for graduate school? Be sure to get your application in with all you references! Don’t forget to attend the LPC Graduate School Fair that is held on-campus every fall.