Office of Student Development

The Office of Student Development oversees and manages many of the campus resources available to students in an effort to create a comprehensive and enjoyable college experience with a focus on student success and retention. Our mission is to provide students with a holistic development model that encompasses their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. Above all, our mission is to care for you and help you succeed.

Meet the Team

Joshua Arnold, M.Ed.

Director of Student Development ASB, Student Development & Discipline, Student Retention & Success Strategies; Career Services

From the chapel at the top of the hill at Camp McPherson in Ohio to the residence halls and classrooms of Life Bible College East (now Ignite Academy), Joshua Arnold’s most formative years were spent within the Foursquare Church. Since graduating from LIFE East (’03) and Regent University (’07), he had the opportunity to serve in student life roles at several institutions of Christian higher education representing a broad range of faith traditions. Joshua and his family will be living on campus as Resident Directors.

“In his letter to the Christians at Thessalonica, Paul shares that, because we loved you so much, we were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but our very lives as well (1 Thess. 2:8). While I’m very much looking forward to helping students operationalize the truths they learn in the classroom and unpack the implications of the gospel for their whole lives, I’m most eager to open my heart to students and share in the common life of the LPC community.”

Thomas Malloy, M.Div.

Director of Ministry Formation Ministry Formation, Chapels, Licensing, Internships, & Mentoring

Tom graduated from Life Pacific College in 2007 with his B.A. and minors in music, psychology, and pastoral ministry. After graduation, he served for four years as the youth pastor of Water of Life Chapel under Rev. Joyce Okert while studying for his M.A. in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics from BIOLA. In 2011, he moved to Virginia and taught philosophy and religion classes at the local community college and Ignite Academy in Christiansburg, VA. He recently married Breanna Lebsack who surpasses him in every way.

“I am excited about joining in the rich legacy of LPC staff and faculty who prayerfully invest in the lives of students. The staff and faculty of LPC have been key in my own spiritual formation and leadership growth. The Lord used their character, wisdom, and love to transform my life and set me on a steady path of growth in service to Him. I’m very excited to continue that tradition.”

Rick Meyer

Director of Residence Life Residence Life, Facilities

Little did Rick know when attending Foursquare Summer Camp in Siloam Springs, Arkansas in 1967 that his brief encounter with a ministering team of students from LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles, of all places, would lead to a specific calling to serve this college for so many years.  He and his wife Debbie would later find themselves meeting at LIFE, marrying and then graduating in 1977. They have served in youth and pastoral ministry until returning to the college in 1993 to serve in the areas of Transcript Evaluation, Housing, Athletics, and Maintenance.

“The most fulfilling years of our lives and the greatest passion we have is to serve, love and bless the students and people with whom we are entrusted. Debbie and I may not be teachers in a classroom setting, but we know that our classroom is on the campus and in the Residence Halls where we all live and breathe while endeavoring to work and walk out those things that God is shaping within each of us.  It is our hope that our efforts to serve our students will bear fruit in their lives for years ahead.  It is our joy to have such a privilege.”

Student Resources

At Life Pacific College, we believe that student activities provide an important point of connection and unity for students on campus. The Office of Student Life (OSL) intentionally designs our programs to help meet the social, cultural, recreational, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the LPC community. Students are encouraged to stop by the OSL in order to find out about opportunities for involvement and to learn about all of our upcoming events.

In addition to major events like Fall/Spring Retreats, Winter/Spring Socials and Homecoming, the Associated Student Body and the Office of Residence Life provide programs and events throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Some examples include ongoing Intramural Sports, Broomball, The Good Life, the Turkey Bowl, Christmas Hall Decorating, Spring Spa, the Man Party, Chivalry Night and Finals Food. These are all great opportunities to enjoy fellowship, build community and take a break from the ever-present demands of being a college student.

Student Handbook

Click the link below for the current version of the Student Handbook in PDF format: Student Handbook

Counseling Services

Be the best you, you can be. Find your voice.

Life Pacific College and the Office of Student Life are committed to the emotional and psychological well-being of our students along with their social, academic, and spiritual well-being. Therefore, we have created a network of referrals for students seeking support through counseling, clinics, organizations, and hot-lines.

If you are seeking counseling services, we refer students to our Counseling Center operating on campus called Emmaus Road Christian Counseling. You can view their website here: where you will find information about the counselors and how to contact each one.

Students wishing to utilize our referral service for clinics, organizations, and hot-lines are encouraged to download and fill out a counseling referral application and set up an appointment with the Director of Student Life and Operations. All conversations are held with the same high standard of confidentiality as the counseling profession itself.