Residence Life

Living on campus is an experience! Each of the four residence halls house about 80 students. Each floor is staffed with a Resident Assistant who serves as a resource for their residents, addressing emergencies, enforcing policies, and coordinating activities. Some fun activities can range from Donut Man study breaks to prayer meetings and game nights where residents can get to know one another.

Meet the Team

George Bostanic

Director of Residence Life


“The most fulfilling years of our lives and the greatest passion we have is to serve, love and bless the students and people with whom we are entrusted. Brittney and I may not be teachers in a classroom setting, but we know that our classroom is on the campus and in the Residence Halls where we all live and breathe while endeavoring to work and walk out those things that God is shaping within each of us.  It is our hope that our efforts to serve our students will bear fruit in their lives for years ahead.  It is our joy to have such a privilege.”

Kristen Zimmermann

Resident Coordinator

Kristen is a senior, originally from Stanwood, Washington, and has served previously as a Resident Advisor. Kristen is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. She is known for being adventurous and loves serving the Office of Residence Life.

Lucinda Chumley

Resident Director

The Chumleys have been married and in ministry for twenty-six years. They have three daughters, two of whom are now adults and one still at home (Sarah, age 13). The focus of their ministry has been youth and college. They planted a church in Fresno, CA called Grace Place, which was formed with young adults in their early-to-mid twenties. David is also a former professor at LPC, chairing the Youth Ministry minor for one year. The Chumleys moved to Southern California in 2012 when David became the Assistant Supervisor for the Greater Los Angeles (GLA) District where he currently serves in a variety of areas including NextGen.

“We have learned that fruitful, lasting ministry is accomplished only in community. We look forward to making life-long friendships with the students at LPC!”

Meet the Resident Advisors

Lauren Manser

Payette, Idaho

“I can’t believe it, but I’m officially a senior at LPC! I love nothing more than my family, spending time with friends, and going on adventures with Jesus. In my time off, I like to do random shenanigans with friends, eat lots of food, and experience wherever I’m at in new ways!”

Christina Paz

San Francisco, California

“I am currently a junior, getting my BA in Transformational Ministry with a concentration in Counseling. I am a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan, I could possibly teach you how to Dougie, and I’m a frequent blogger. Any free time I have is usually spent at the beach, reading a good book, or enjoying quality time with family and friends.”

Cassidy Brown

Yakima, Washington

“I transferred into LPC two years ago with my AA degree and I’m currently going into my senior year. I prefer rain to sunshine and I’m very much into all things nerdy (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock and the like). Some of my favorite things to do when I’m not busy with school or work are making music, reading, teaching Zumba, going for a hike, and hanging out with the people that I love! “

Dani Walters

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

“I came to LPC directly from high school, which turned out to be the greatest thing ever. I tend to laugh at my own jokes way more than other people do and I’m also a super open person! Some of my favorite things include wasting time on Pinterest, hiking, and going to places I’ve never been. “

Alley Kelley

Lancaster, California

“I entered into Life right after high school and I am now a sophomore. I’m legally blind in my left eye- just enough to throw off my depth perception and make me extremely clumsy. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though because it just gives me another opportunity to laugh during the day, even if it’s at myself. I’m super athletic, so I love playing sports and running. I also enjoy watching movies and plays, reading a good book, exploring the outdoors, and working with kids.”

Chad Ashworth

San Diego, California

“I came to LPC right after I graduated High School. I am now a junior at LPC and I absolutely love it! I am a complete nerd! I have about 50 posters, nearly all from Comic-con (I try to go every year).  When I have time off, I love hanging out with people, going on adventures, playing video games, and pretty much anything. “

Zachary Bogar

Central Valley, California

“I got a late start with college and now at the age of 22 I am going into my Junior year at LPC and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I absolutely love sports and really enjoy the hardcore music scene as I have met some of my best friends through it. When I am not buried in my books studying I love playing guitar, doing anything sport related, and the occasional video games with friends. “

Matthew Plaza

Los Angeles, California

“Although I am technically a So Cal Guy, my heart belongs to the Northwest. Reason: I’m a Hispanic who doesn’t like the heat. I tend to quote movies a lot and can be very random with my humor. Reason: lots of family, Family Guy (B.C of course). My favorite thing to do is to simply enjoy life with friends, family, and the strangers around me.”

Abraham Chase

Palmdale, California

“Fun fact is that I love to have fun. I love to hang out with people and will not feel alive if I am alone for too long. I love video games of all sorts and am a major movie fan of all different genres. I love acting and improv. I value exercising and eating healthy, although I am on McDonald’s VIP list. I like sports, but not your typical, such as one-handed pole vaulting and power walking. I love music that makes people dance. I don’t know what else to write down except that Dr. Pepper is a wonderful man”

Newcomers to the residence halls get plenty of support. Sponsors live in quads with 5 or 6 freshmen and/or transfer students and serve as informal organizers, guides and advisers. All incoming students are assigned to single gender residence halls (all men or all women).