Short-term Cross Cultural Experiences are a three day to three week ministry, service, and awareness trip during which students work with the people and culture of a specific country. This time is specifically designed for a team of students, both individually and corporately, to experience and understand Christ and His kingdom from a perspective outside their home culture of the United States. Every LPC student is encouraged to complete a short-term cross cultural trip in order to expand their education and participate in an empowering experience. Below, you will find information regarding upcoming trips. To apply, please complete the cross-cultural experience application. For more information and details, please contact Global Life at

Fall 2017

Location: Mexico
Dates: October 20-22

Location: Los Angeles
Dates: October 20-22

Spring 2018

Location: Costa Rica
Dates: March 17-24

Location: Haiti
Dates: March 17-24

Summer 2018

Location: North Asia
Dates: May 2018

Location: Kenya
Dates: May 2018

Location: Japan
Dates: May 2018

Location: WAM Europe
Dates: May 2018