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Diversity & Inclusion

At LPU, we recognize diversity as an expression of God’s creativity. Guided by the four cardinal doctrines of the Foursquare Church and the diverse voices of our community, we’re committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and equitable campus for all our students, staff, and faculty.

Building A community of Reconciliation

The Kingdom of God is beautifully diverse – and the LPU community reflects that variety. More than half our student body are people of color, and we’ve welcomed students from countries all across the world. Maintaining, growing, and fostering that diversity is a priority across the entire LPU landscape.

All our full-time faculty and staff take mandatory diversity and inclusion training on an annual basis. Students fill out course evaluations that include questions about diversity and inclusion in the classroom. We aim to create equitable systems of recruitment and support for underrepresented students, faculty, and staff – like through our scholarship fund for people of color. Meanwhile, our Diversity Coordinator & Diversity Committee tackle issues and oversee proactive initiatives in order to create an inclusive campus.

Together, we’re building a community of reconciliation by helping students: 

  • Understand diversity, multiculturalism, and justice from a Biblical worldview
  • Develop intercultural skills
  • Broaden attitudes to appreciate the complexity of a diverse world
  • Prepare to cooperate and compete in a multicultural and global workplace


People of color make up:


of our student body


of our staff


of our full-time faculty

Racism, ethnocentrism, and partiality are sins contrary to our Christian values and worldview. And we believe that connection, education, and transformation of one’s heart through the gospel are the tools to fight back against those sins. At LPU, we offer a three-fold approach to helping students develop that cultural competency:


Cultural Education

Lectures, panels, book clubs, and field trips that give students the experiential knowledge to understand the history, practices, and infrastructure of various cultures


Cultural Engagement

Social programs, including music and arts performances, entertainment, and other multi-ethnic social festivals and gatherings


Cultural Development

Discipleship, mentorship, coaching, and professional development that empowers students to develop holistically, understand, and connect to a variety of cultures and communities.

Code of Conduct

Together, we live, learn, and labor in love for inclusion, justice, and reconciliation.

Our community – in service of God’s plan of redemption for all creation – is guided by our code of conduct:

Office of Student Development

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 599-5433
Email: osd@lifepacific.edu