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English for Academic Purposes (eap)


Learn how to read, write, and speak English at Life Pacific University through our English for Academic Purposes program. This will prepare you to further your education and pursue a degree. The EAP program provides instruction on English to non-native English speakers in order to prepare them to pursue college-level education and jobs that require English fluency. Please note that the EAP program is a college preparatory program. It is not a postsecondary certificate and completion of courses does not earn a student college credit.

Visas for International Students

Once accepted, LPU will process the I-20 needed for the F-1 Visa for potential international students seeking to enroll in our program. The I-20 will allow students to apply for visas for their entire family if they wish to reside in the United States while the student is in school. A letter of acceptance accompanied by financial proof for 12 months tuition and room and board is required to process the 1-20. EAP students must fulfill all requirements, abide by government and institutional guidelines, and demonstrate positive progress through the program to maintain status.

Program requirements

The EAP is an intense English program that requires about 16 hours of classes plus assignments each week. Students must commit to their education and learning to succeed in this program.

EAP is semester-based with the following approximate annual schedule:
  • SPRING: January 15th – May 15th
  • FALL: August 15th – December 15th
Length of the program is between 1-3 years.
  • Five semesters of coursework.
  • An additional semester optional depending on progress.
  • Student must pass a proficiency test in order to complete the program.

Tuition & Fees

*Admissions and I-20 Processing Fees:


**Annual Tuition:

$5,500 per year ($2,750 per semester)

*Admissions and I-20 processing fees are non-refundable, full admission is contingent on visa approval by DHS.
**Payment plans available upon request.

How to Sign UP

To sign-up now or to learn more, email eap@lifepacific.edu

Office of Admissions

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (877) 886-5433
Email: admissions@lifepacific.edu