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Margie Waldo-Simon, M.A.

Vice-Chair of The Board of Trustees

Margie Waldo Simon has served in a number of fields and capacities. Most recently, she has worked as a leadership consultant that has included assignments within pediatric healthcare, higher education, women’s funding networks, and life formation with students. She has also worked as a journalist, ghostwriter, and international speaker, and is passionate about gathering, interpreting, and sharing the stories that shape us individually and as a generation. Prior to these roles, Margie was ordained as a Foursquare minister in 1991 and served with Foursquare Missions as World Impact Teams Director, European Director, and Communications Director. Margie’s work with Western and Eastern European leaders during the violence of the Balkans War awakened her desire to understand attachment theory, the lingering effects of trauma in war, as well as a deeper understanding of Islam. She has often been called upon as an interpreter and mediator among divergent groups. Margie pursued her undergraduate education at the University of Washington in Seattle and additional certificate work at Edinburgh University, Scotland. She earned a graduate degree in Islamics and Postmodern Spirituality from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. Margie currently resides in Seattle with her husband Mark Simon; they are the proud parents of three adult children.