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Thank you for considering Life Pacific University! We know that you have many schools to consider for this next stage of your life and we are glad to be among them. For nearly 100 years, Life Pacific University has been educating the minds & empowering the futures of leaders who serve God in the Church, the workplace, and the world. We look forward to helping you begin this exciting journey. As soon as you apply, you will be assigned an admissions counselor who will be a guide for you and your family as you move forward through the admission process.

How to apply

Life Pacific University is authorized to enroll nonimmigrant alien students seeking to student in the U.S. using an F1 Student Visa. International applicants are required to submit all applications items listed below in order to be considered for admission. An applicant will receive notice of the admission decision within 1-2 weeks of the receipt of all parts of the application. If accepted, LPU will mail the student an I-20 which must be taken to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate to obtain a student visa. Please note that, if deemed necessary, LPU reserves the right to require one year’s tuition payment in advance before issuing an I-20.

Step One: Complete Online Application

The application typically takes about 15-20 minutes to complete! Once you complete the first page of the application, you will be emailed a pin number so that you can stop and save your application and return to it at a later time.

Step Two: Submit Affidavit of Financial Support

If applicant intends to cover any portion of educational expenses with personal funds, then the Affidavit of Financial Support must be accompanied by current bank statement as verification of the funds available to cover educational expenses. You can download the form here.

Step Three: Submit Sponsor Financial Certification(s) and Bank Statement(s)

This form must be completed if the Affidavit of Financial Support indicates that a sponsor will help the applicant pay for any portion of their educational expenses. A Financial Certification form must be completed for each sponsor listed on the Affidavit of Financial Support. Download the form here.

Step Four: Submit Proof of English Proficiency (TOEFL, SAT or ACT)

If your secondary education (high school) has been in a country where English is not the primary language and/or if your spken English is not proficient, a TOEFL score (Test of English as a Foreign Language) must be submitted as documentation of English proficiency. The college code the the TOEFL is 4264. The minimum score accepted for undergraduate degrees is 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based), or 79 (internet-based). If you completed your secondary education or college education in a country where English is the primary language, you may submit a SAT or ACT score as documentation of English proficiency. Minimum composite SAT score accepted is 790. Minmum composite ACT score accepted is 14.

Step Five: Write and Submit a Personal Essay

Your personal essay will help us learn more about you and why you want to join the Life Pacific community. This essay will also be used to help assess your academic preparation so please ensure it is well-written and free of grammar & spelling errors. Please submit the essay by email, fax, or mail.

The essay must be 2-3 pages in length and address the following:

  • Your salvation experience;
  • Your present walk with the Lord;
  • Your involvement in church and/or ministry over the past 3-5 years, and
  • Your sense of calling and life mission.

Step Six: Submit Character Reference

Reference form may be completed by a pastor, a Christian leader, or a teacher who knows you well. Instructions for submitting reference are on the form. Download the reference form here.

Step Seven: Submit Official High School Transcripts

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for admission. Students with a GPA below 2.5 may be considered for admission on academic probation (see Admission Requirements section).

Official transcripts must be received in a sealed, official school envelope. You will need to contact your school’s registrar office or guidance counselor to request that your transcripts be sent to LPU. This can take some time, so we encourage you to do it right away.

Step Eight: Submit Official College School Transcripts (If Applicable)

Minimum 2.5 GPA required for admission. Applicants with a GPA below 2.5 may be considered for admission on academic probation. Official transcripts are required from all colleges previously attended, even if applicant believes the units may not be transferable. Official transcripts must be received in a sealed, official school envelope or sent directly from the previous college to the admissions office via fax or email.

Admission Requirements

The college is authorized to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. In keeping with guidelines set by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program, the college requires international students to complete the same admissions process as any other student. A pre-application, including documentation of English proficiency and financial ability to pay, must be completed prior to the full application being made available to an international student. For any applicant whose secondary preparation has been in a country where English is not the principal language and/or who’s spoken English is not proficient, a TOEFL score (Test of English as a Foreign Language) must be submitted as documentation of English proficiency. The college code for this test is 4264. The minimum score accepted for the B.A. degree is 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) or 79 (internet-based). In those countries where English is the primary language, the applicant must submit a SAT or ACT score instead of the TOEFL as documentation of English proficiency.

International applicants who are in the United States on an R–1 visa are required to submit documentation from the organization in which the applicant is serving. This documentation indicates the organization is aware that the applicant will be attending college while in the U.S. Those applicants who have been granted refugee status should submit proper documentation to Life Pacific University.
Upon receipt of the pre-application and documentation of English proficiency, an application will be sent. When submitting this application the international student must also submit:
  • Secondary school records verifying an education equivalent to that of a U.S. high school diploma. If the original documents are not in English, an official notarized English translation must be furnished by the applicant. If U.S. high school diploma equivalency cannot be determined from documents provided, the records will need to be evaluated by an official credentialing agency.
  • All transcripts reflecting prior college or university coursework must be submitted. Transcripts must be evaluated, not just translated, by an official credentialing agency. Life Pacific University recommends using AERC (American Education Research Corporation, Inc.). The evaluation needs to be a detailed report including a subject-by-subject breakdown, semester unit equivalency, grading system equivalency and grade point average.
  • The Confidential Financial Statement certifying his/her personal funds, and
  • The Financial Certification Forms – one for each financial sponsor (if applicable).
According to U.S. law, international students may not accept off-campus employment or receive payment for services rendered. Therefore, international students must come prepared to pay full tuition, fees, and living costs. The first semester’s tuition and dorm fees must be paid in advance before a SEVIS I–20 form will be issued.
If you have attended a foreign college or university, your transcripts will need to be evaluated to determine how the courses you have taken compare to the courses offered at Life Pacific University. Any additional cost incurred by this process is the responsibility of the applicant. Although you can choose which company you would like to evaluate your transcripts, below are several companies that we recommend:
International students should allow a minimum of four months for the completion of files and subsequent review by the Admissions Committee. When the entire file is complete, it will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Upon approval for acceptance into the college, and upon receipt of the first semester’s tuition and dorm fees, a letter of acceptance and the SEVIS I–20 form will be sent to the applicant. The applicant must then present these documents to the U.S. Embassy / Consulate to apply for the F–1 visa. International students must arrive at the college on the move-in date for the semester they have been accepted to attend the college. To remain in approved status, international students must carry a minimum of 12 units each semester and a satisfactory GPA.

Once an applicant is accepted, final items will be required in order to become eligible to enroll in courses. If you have been accepted, your admissions counselor will help you with these items and notify you when they are needed. Requited enrollment items are:

    Fall 2022 Early Application Deadline

    Dec 15

    Fall 2022 Regular Application & Deposit Deadline 

    May 1

    Fall 2022 Priority Application Deadline

    Mar 2

    Applying for Fall 2022

    Application Deadlines & Important Dates

    Applications Open
    September 1, 2021
    FAFSA Opens
    October 1, 2021
    Early Application Deadline
    December 15, 2021
    Priority Application Deadline
    March 2, 2022
    Cal Grant Deadline
    March 2, 2022
    Admitted Student Day
    April 18, 2022
    Regular Application & Deposit Deadline
    May 1, 2022
    Priority Registration Event
    June 22, 2022
    New Student Orientation & Move-In Day
    August 26 – 27, 2022
    First Day of Class
    August 29, 2022

    Applying for Spring 2022

    Application Deadlines & Important Dates

    Applications Open
    September 1, 2021
    Regular Application Deadline
    November 1, 2021
    Deposit Deadline
    December 1, 2021
    Admitted Student Day
    December 7, 2021
    New Student Orientation Spring 2022
    January 14 – 15, 2022
    Spring First Day of Class
    January 18, 2022


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