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Housing & Residence Life

Here at Life Pacific University, we believe that on-campus living is an extension of the classroom where students are provided many opportunities to learn and grow. In the Residence Hall, students learn what it means to live in a rich, diverse, and Christ-centered community with other students who are going through a similar journey. It is living within a community that gives our students the opportunity to hear and discover others’ perspectives, stories, and cultures.

We believe that it is in the ordinary, messy, and mundane moments of living in authentic relationships where God meets us, works in us, and sanctifies us to be more like Jesus. Residence Life exists to contribute to the transformational work that the Holy Spirit seeks to do in the lives of our students, deepening their identity as beloved children of God and deepening their God-given strengths and ability. We are excited for our students to enter into this community and allow this community to shape and impact them. 

LPU Residence Life Mission

As co-curricular educators, the Office of Residence Life exists to create physically and relationally supportive spaces where students are challenged to develop holistically so that they know Christ deeply and are prepared to engage the world with love and grace as Christian leaders. 

Residents Life

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 509-5433
Email: reslife@lifepacific.edu