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Calling & Vocation

The Office of Calling & Vocation exists to support LPU’s greater mission to transform and develop students into leaders, prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace and the world.


The Office of Calling & Vocation exists to support LPU’s greater mission to transform and develop students into leaders, prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace and the world. Our department resources our students and partners in the following ways: Career Development, The Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development Program, Foursquare Pastoral Licensing and providing opportunities to develop Life Skills.

Find a Job or Internship

Utilizing Handshake and networking, we support the graduate to career transition, working hard to help place our students in the fields they desire. By posting a job with us, we give positions visibility, extending to all LPU students (East and West campuses, undergrad, graduate and online) as well as our alumni and ministry leaders within the Foursquare Denomination.

Alumni/Ministry Leaders 

It asks to enter your .edu address, but you can enter a personal one since many will not have that.

Connect with LPU by selecting “Life Pacific University”, setting a password, and answering a few questions. Then submit it.

Then on our end from the OCV Career Center, we will see the request and “approve” you. After approval, you are then able to see available jobs, internships, and connect with employers and attend events.


Handshake is a modern career platform and was created to ensure that all college students have equal access to meaningful careers. Since 2013 the network of university and employer partners—and the impact for students— has grown exponentially. Within a few years, Handshake has become the leading early career community in the US. With 7M+ students, 1,000+ colleges, 500,000+ Employers including 100% of the Fortune 500 companies, we are excited to utilize this platform to serve our students and partners better. All LPU Students and alumni/ministry leaders can sign up.

Everything for Employers

If you have an open job or internship position, we would love to promote it with our students and alumni!


The Office of Calling and Vocation hosts many events throughout the school year. Events like LPU Connect, Graduate School Fair, and I Heart My Church are in the fall, and in the spring, we help prepare students for their life after school, and host our annual Career Week in partnership with the San Dimas Chamber of Commerce.

Student Stories

Ministry Formation & Spirtual Development

The Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development Program at Life Pacific University is a required program for all traditional undergrad students. Since LPU is a biblical institution of higher education existing for the transformational development of students into leaders, prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace and the world, the Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development program supports our university mission.



OCV partners with our degree programs to help students connect with practitioners in various fields who can offer rich, experiential learning in healthy environments. In turn, the purpose is to also bring additional value to the internship site organizations, as ambassadors of Christ and LPU. Students serve and work in their field of study in order to develop marketable skills, grow in leadership and relational skills, apply their education to real-world contexts, and to grow their professional network. Internship experience greatly increases a student’s employability and allows students to develop a better sense of the career path they may want to pursue after graduation. 

Career Counseling

Career Counseling at Life Pacific University equips students with helpful resources for finding a job while in school and upon graduation. Students can receive assistance writing a resumé, training for an interview, or help with applying to graduate schools. Career Development also provides LPU graduates with resources to help them locate ministry positions in local churches.

Office of Calling & vocation

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 599-5433
Email: ocv@lifepacific.edu