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Ready for some experience and hands-on training? Life Pacific University believes in the value of experiential education. All students in the traditional programs are required to participate in an experiential-based internship once they enter upper division studies. Internships provide students with marketable skills and real-world experience to strengthen their resume and put their education into practice. Below, current students will find information about the internship program & requirements, the types of internships offered, and how to apply.


Our internships are a valuable experience that provide Life Pacific University students with the opportunity to serve and work in their field of study in order to develop marketable skills, grow in leadership and relational skills, apply their education to real-world contexts, and to grow their professional network. Internship experience greatly increases a student’s employability for when they graduate and allows students to develop a better sense of the career path they may want to pursue after graduation.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of as many internship opportunities they can get their hands on. In order for a student to participate in an internship program for academic credit, they must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be an approved upper division student by the Registrar’s Office. Students then also complete LPU’s student internship application form with the Office of Calling and Vocation and have been approved in other areas such as Student Life, and Financial Aid and The Registrar’ Office. Students will be interviewed by LPU-approved host sites of interest with final approval granted from the Office of Calling and Vocation and the prospective host site. Some degrees may have pre-requisites or other processes inlcuded before a student can apply for an internship with academic credit. Please contact your Program Chair or the Office of Calling and Vocation for verification.


Ministry Internships – Bible, Transformational Ministry, Worship Arts & Media

Designed for students who are called to ministry within the local church. These internships will develop each individual’s capacity to both serve and lead in their area of vocational calling. Students will have opportunities to engage in hands-on ministry and will better define their sense of calling and understanding of their ministry calling. These internships will place students in the geographic locations they would like to serve upon graduation. Throughout the course of the internship students will learn how ministry is taking place in these locations, and how they can participate in what God is doing. Please contact the Office of Calling and Vocation for Host Site opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Pacific University Internship Host Site, please email Kristina Stover.

College of Arts and Sciences

Business Internships

Designed or students who are interested in working for or starting their own business or non-profit organization. Administration, leadership, servanthood, financial management, and planning and development are just some of the components of these internships. Students involved in a business internship will gain hands-on experience in order to equip them to be effective and highly valued members of businesses and/or to be imaginative leaders who develop their own organizations.

Human Development Internships

This program of study is intended for students planning to pursue a career in the helping professions (family ministry, social work, children or adult services, those who desire to do graduate work for certification in a variety of fields: counseling; clinical, educational, or counseling psychology; marriage and family therapy; human development; or social work). Those considering careers in education may also find this a good foundation for continuing on to certification.

Mass Communications Internships

The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication is designed to equip students to be effective communicators in a broad variety of settings as leaders prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace, and the world. Students will develop competencies in five broad areas: effective communication skills, communication theory and inquiry, creative and critical thinking, global awareness and civic engagement, and biblical integration.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Pacific University Internship Site or Agency, please email Josh Ortega.



If you are interested in completing an internship for personal development and without earning LPU credit, you will work directly with the prospective internship site to apply. If you are upper-division approved, you can begin the internship application process with LPU to receive academic credit.

All students must first schedule a meeting with their Program Chair to identify their internship goals. The Program Chair will then direct the student to the Office of Calling and Vocation, when appropriate, to begin the internship application process. All internships must be approved by the Program Chair, through the internship application process. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the Office of Calling and Vocation or schedule a Zoom appointment.


Fall 2022

Spring 2023


Interested in Becoming a Host Site?

We are always taking applications for organizations interested in becoming internship host sites. Please submit your host site application at least two months prior to your anticipated internship start date to allow the Office of Calling and Vocation ample time to process your application. 

Office of Calling & Vocation

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