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Dedicated to preparing students for a lifetime of Christlike, Spirit-empowered ministry, Life Pacific Seminary offers theology and ministry training programs that are holistic, transformative, and practical. Strengthening the foundations of Christian faith and virtue trains you to engage culture with compassionate intentionality, effective skills, and prophetic wisdom, shaping you to become an excellent Spirit-filled scholar-practitioner whose influence makes a difference in the church and the world.   

Rooted in Pentecostal tradition, we cultivate learning environments that invite and facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit.  Let us help you prepare to serve God and His people in ways that will revitalize your present ministry and impact the ever-evolving future for the better.


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Programs of Study

Master of Arts in Theological Studies

The MATS gives students the vital biblical, theological, and teaching foundation necessary to design learning experiences effectively in any ministry setting where the Bible needs to be taught. These courses of study can yield an interest in further exploring theological education at the post-graduate level as well as considering teaching the Bible to a group or congregation.

Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (MDiv) program focuses primarily on the acquisition and refinement of practical ministry skills for use within various ministry leadership contexts. Students in this program work to apply the principles of faith to their unique ministries

What Makes Life Pacific Seminary Stand Out

A Pentecostal Ethos

A commitment to the beliefs, values, and practices that highlight the active, empowering role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life and ministry.

Spiritual Formation

A commitment to the beliefs, values, and practices that make room for the Holy Spirit’s work in the ongoing transformation of the whole person in Christlikeness.

Theological Praxis

A commitment to the integration of theology and the careful study of the Scriptures in the classroom with practical and relevant application in the real world.

Spiritual Leadership

A commitment to a Christ-centered way of influencing that is anchored in authentic relationship with God and loving service to others. 

Missional Thinking

A commitment to the conviction that mission is at the heart of God’s nature and redemptive work in the world; and the church, as God’s people, is called to participate in this divine mission creatively and faithfully. 

Women in Leadership

A commitment to intentionally prepare and release women across generations and cultures into all levels of ministry leadership.

Be transformed

Individuals seeking spiritual growth and education will be transformed, shaping them into compassionate and knowledgeable leaders ready to make a positive impact on their communities.

Make a Difference

Empower yourself with our transformative academic programs and dynamic online cohorts, where you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Shape the Future

You’ll gain the wisdom and abilities to thoughtfully shape the future in ministry, wherever God has called you to serve, leaving a lasting impact within your community and beyond.

I’m looking forward to bettering my ability to communicate my thoughts and feelings cohesively while serving in my pastoral context and in my personal life. This program will deepen and expand the calling that God has placed in my life and ministry.

– Tim Vercellono

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Applying to an online degree program is a major life step — and you don’t have to take it alone. We’re here to guide you through the process. Our friendly admissions counselors would be happy to walk you through the application steps, discuss your financial aid options, estimate the course workload for your program, and provide the resources needed to be academically successful.

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