Scholarships & Grants

Looking for money that helps defer costs and that you never have to pay back? Read below to learn about the merit-based and need-based aid that Life Pacific College offers. Financial grant awards are given solely on need depending on your family’s financial situation.


In addition to federal and state aid, Life Pacific College offers the following institutional scholarships to both new and continuing students:

  • Endowed Scholarships- Students are notified by email when these become available online. Applications are turned in directly to the Financial Aid Office.
  • LIFE Grant—Available to licensed / ordained ministers in active ministry through an appointment at a local church or ministry. Detailed student requirements and parent requirements are listed on the application. You may download the application off the forms page or contact the financial aid office for an application.
  • Resident Advisors – are also eligible to receive a scholarship.

Check for scholarships that may be available through your employer, your parent’s employers, or through businesses and civic organizations in your community. Here are a few scholarship websites to explore as well:

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant Program provides federal funds for students of families that qualify. To be eligible, an applicant must be a United States citizen or permanent resident, demonstrate financial need, and must not have previously received a bachelor’s degree. Students may apply for the Pell Grant by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

State of California Grants

The Cal Grant program provides awards for California resident applicants who demonstrate financial need and meet GPA requirements. California resident students may apply by filling out the FAFSA and a GPA Verification Form. To be eligible for a fall semester award, the student must submit an application by March 2nd.