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Since 1923, musicians and artists have earned their education through Life Pacific University, finding creative ways to communicate the message of the gospel with a relevance that is unique to their culture.


Since 1923, musicians and artists have earned their education through Life Pacific University, finding creative ways to communicate the message of the gospel with a relevance that is unique to their culture. Today Life alumni are advancing the kingdom of God throughout the United States and around the globe in a wide range of careers ranging from the professional music industry to the artistic mission field. Graduates are integrating and utilizing their education and training to impact the communities in which they live and the churches in which they serve.

The Life Pacific Worship Arts Department provides a wide variety of opportunities for students of all majors to explore the arts through LPU Arts.  These programs and opportunities allow creatives of all types to hone their skills in order to better use them in the field to which they are called.  The LPU Arts team works to allow students to explore their God given creativity while gaining exposure to music, art, and theater through field trips each semester. Our metropolitan location, with its proximity to art galleries, concert halls, museums, and major academic institutions, makes the San Dimas campus an ideal place to cultivate art education.

LPU Arts department presents:

  • Elective Courses in Music and the Arts.
  • Two Theatrical Productions 
  • Monthly Open Mic Performance Evenings
  • Field Trips to local Music and Art Events
  • Art and Photography Galleries
  • Graphic Design Contests
  • Open Art Labs
  • Songwriting Workshops and Competitions
  • Guest Artist Series with Professional Musicians and Artists
  • Art, Music, and Dance Ensembles

Theatre & Performance

Twice a year, when the Rolf K. McPherson Chapel transforms with extravagant sets and magnificent props, members of LPU and the local community fill the seats to behold entertaining and engaging performances from a talented cast of LPU students. Theater productions include one play and one musical each year. Any LPU student can audition for a role or help coordinate the production, regardless of major. Theater productions allow students to express their creativity, develop their talents, and learn to use their gifts to serve communities and glorify Christ. To prepare students for performance, LPU Worship Arts offers many relevant courses including: Fundamentals of Acting, Scene Study, Theater Performance and Production, Directing, Dance, and Ministry through Drama. 

Art and Design

Every other Friday, students can gather for Open Art Lab, a creative space for students to practice and hone their artistic abilities, expend creativity energy or simply break away from the busyness of student life. Multiple art and design classes are available for students desiring to grow their talents further, including Introduction to the Arts, Graphic Design, and Beginning Studio Art. Students are also invited to join in monthly field trips to artistic venues, including museums, plays, and concerts. Student artwork is even selected to be displayed in the foyer of the Roy Hicks Jr. Center.

Music & Worship

Worship is a vital part of the Life Pacific University experience, and ensembles, worship teams, and performance groups hold open auditions for all students. Students can hone their musical skills through group lessons, courses, and by performing in various ensembles and special groups that regularly meet on campus. Notable courses include Piano (Beginning though Advanced), Guitar (Beginning through Intermediate), Voice (Beginning through Intermediate), and a variety of courses for Music and Worship Studies. ​

Digital Media

LPU arts provides all students with the opportunity to participate in hands on media, film and photography training by signing up to assist with the sound, lighting, or media opportunities on campus. Students are given the chance to learn through an apprenticeship system that encouraged them to grow as they collaborate with leaders in their desired field to produce high quality performances and products. Key courses designed to hone sound and media skills are Studio Filmmaking, Digital Video Production, Digital Photography, and Worship Technology with a Lab. Students may also be involved in an on campus Film Club, assist with Chapel Sound and Media Opportunities, and have access to our professional equipment for non-profit projects.

Field Trips

Refuel Events

Each month, the WAM department hosts a free field trip to an artistic venue, musical performance, or special artistic exhibit in the greater Los Angeles Area. Space is limited for some field trips, so be sure to sign up today!

Office of Student Development

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