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Career & Global Engagement

The Office of Career and Global Engagement (CGE) promotes student growth in ministry formation and spiritual development, identifying God’s calling for life and career, and resources students with opportunities locally and globally to develop practical skills for positive impact in the church, the workplace, and the world.  


The Office of Career and Global Engagement oversees career development, job placement &internships, Foursquare licensing local and global short-term trips and outreach, and the Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development program, which includes chapel attendance, spring and fall retreat attendance, community outreach, church involvement, and a growth reflection.  

Find a Job or Internship

The Career and Global Engagement team is here to support students in the graduate-to-career transition through practical resources and tools, and in placement support.  

LPU uses Handshake, a modern career platform that was created to ensure that all college students have equal access to meaningful careers. Within a few years, Handshake has become the leading early career community in the US. With 12M+ students, 1,400+ colleges, 750,000+ Employers including 100% of the Fortune 500 companies, we are excited to utilize this platform to serve our students and partners better. All LPU Students and alumni/ministry leaders can sign up. 

Develop a plan and put your best foot forward. Utilize these resources and reach out to the office of Career and Global Engagement with any questions or needs.

Set up an appointment with the Director here (link to my Calendly) 

Browse Foursquare Local Jobs


It can be helpful to investigate what captures your passion or interests most and learn how this can help integrate within your career choice. These options can help: 

  1. The O*NET Interest Profiler
  2. Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential 
  3. Holland Code Quiz 


Skills are learned behaviors and abilities. There are many different types of skills that are relevant to career development such as work content/technical skills, self-management/personal growth skills, and leadership skills. 

  1. DiSC Behavior Inventory 
  2. Skills Search 
  3. CareerOneStop Skills Center 
  4. CliftonStrengths – Cost is $19.99 


Alumni Login 

While it asks you to enter your .edu address, you can use your preferred email. 

Connect with LPU by selecting “Life Pacific University”, setting a password, and answering a few questions, then submitting. 

On our end, we will see your request and approve it. 

After approval, you are then able to see available jobs, internships, and connect with employers and attend events. 


Personality Assessment

The term “personality” refers to a person’s patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. Some aspects of personality are useful in thinking about your career. Here are some options you can explore: 

  1. Big Five Personality Tests 

Additional Resources

Global Engagement

Life Pacific University values experiential and cross-cultural learning. Our programs offer unique opportunities for students to make the globe their classroom, going beyond the confines of the traditional classroom experience.  These are vital to our ability to fulfill our mission to aid in “the transformational development of students into leaders prepared to serve God in the Church, the workplace and the world.” These opportunities expand students’ intellectual, professional, and personal development through formal and experiential learning in other cultural contexts. They enhance students’ cross-cultural awareness and appreciation in an increasingly complex global environment.  

Short-Term Cross-Cultural Trips

This is a two-day to three-week cross-cultural awareness trip during which students work with the people and culture of a specific country. This time is specifically designed for a team of students both individually and corporately to experience and understand Christ and His kingdom from a perspective outside their home culture of the United States.  The team goes with the mindset of being learners and servants.  Our goal is to partner with FMI missionaries and nationals through various work projects and relational ministry.  We aspire to encourage them, help enhance their ministry, and come away with a greater understanding of the global kingdom of God and our role in it.  

On-campus Engagement  

CGE partners strongly with the Office of Diversity and Reconciliation and our Multicultural Student Organization (MSO) to not only serve our International students but to engage all students in cross-cultural learning and dialog through on-campus events and guest speakers. Every Fall CGE supports student-led global initiatives through Global Vision Week. During this week, short-term trips are announced, students hear from and connect with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Missionaries, the Associated Student Government (ASG) hosts Tehillah, a multi-lingual worship and prayer night, and MSO coordinates Salsa Y Salsa, a fun event designed to celebrate the diverse Latino culture on campus. Throughout the year FMI leaders speak in classrooms and Chapels so that students of every major can learn about the movement of the Global church. Learn more about our on-campus diversity at Diversity and Reconciliation.


If you have an open job or internship position, we would love to promote it with our students and alumni! By posting a job with us, we give positions visibility, extending to all LPU students (East and West campuses, undergrad, graduate and online) as well as our alumni and ministry leaders within the Foursquare Denomination. 

Questions? Email Director of Career and Global Engagement 


The Office of Career and Global Engagement hosts several events throughout the school year to provide networking opportunities and resources for students. Some of the key events include LPU Connect, City Serve, Heart My Church, Internship & Career Fairs, Global Impact Fair and more!  

Student Stories

The outcome and impact of career development can be seen through the integrated experiences of our students through their time at LPU. We are developing global leaders, prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace and the world. 

Ministry Formation & SPIRITUAL Development

The Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development Program at Life Pacific University is a co-curricular required program for all traditional undergrad students. The values of this program are rooted in the mission of the university: existing for the transformational development of students into leaders, prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace and the world. 


Foursquare Ministerial Licensing

CGE offers the opportunity to pursue ministerial licensing through the Foursquare Denomination. This includes registration in MIN409N - Foursquare Culture and Doctrine, once you are upper division. This class introduces the students to The Foursquare Church, covering five main components: Heritage, Identity, Doctrine, Polity and The Practical Life of the Minister. Students are led through the course and prepared by the professor, who is their assigned coach, and will work through all the interview questions in a group setting. They are personally prepared for their interview, and are provided a scheduled interview at the end of the semester to become a recommended minister.  

How will you minister?

We encourage all LPU students to consider this option, not just those who plan to go into vocational ministry. The benefits of being licensed include many opportunities that apply to multiple settings of career and ministry. Licensing gives the credentialed right to marry, lead funerals, give special visit care at hospitals and even entrance in certain disaster situations. 


Benefits include emotional and spiritual support and commissioning, security through life insurance and retirement, instant network within the Foursquare family, additional financial resources and more. If you have any questions about this process, the class, or more, feel free to reach out to Kristina Stover at, kstover@lifepacific.edu or visit the Office of Career and Global Engagement.  

Additional Info

 Phone: (909) 706-3050

Email: CGE@lifepacifc.edu


Internship experience greatly increases a student’s employability and allows students to develop a better sense of the career path they may want to pursue after graduation. Recent research has shown that employers are looking for graduates with experience (internships) in their desired field and competencies (life skills) to go with it. LPU intentionally meets both!  

Students connect with practitioners in various fields who can offer rich, experiential learning in healthy environments. In turn, student bring additional value to internship site organizations, as ambassadors of Christ and LPU. Students serve and work in their field of study to develop marketable skills, grow in leadership and relational skills, apply their education to real-world contexts, and to grow their professional network.  

a large group of people at the internship fair

Career Development

Career development at Life Pacific University equips students with helpful resources for preparing for and finding a job while in school and upon graduation. Students can receive assistance writing a resumé, preparing for an interview, receive help applying to graduate schools and more. All career development services are offered to all alumni of LPU. 

Additional Resources
  1. Four Year Plan
  2. How to Build Your Resume
  3. Job Searching Tips
  4. Professional Dress
  5. Interview Prep Skills
  6. Assessments

LPU uses Handshake, a modern career platform that was created to ensure that all college students have equal access to meaningful careers. Within a few years, Handshake has become the leading early career community in the US. With 12M+ students, 1,400+ colleges, 750,000+ Employers including 100% of the Fortune 500 companies, we are excited to utilize this platform to serve our students and partners better. All LPU Students and alumni/ministry leaders can sign up. 

LPU'S Life Skills Framework

LPU takes our students’ employability seriously and had responded to this research by developing our Life Skills framework. This framework is integrated within all academic and co-curricular initiatives throughout a students’ experience at LPU. This, in turn, supports their leadership development and creates a higher probability of student success in the long run.  

In a landmark study done by Leadership IQ, it was discovered that 46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months, while only 19% will achieve unequivocal success. And contrary to popular belief, technical skills are not the primary reason why new hires fail; instead, poor interpersonal skills dominate the list, flaws which many of their managers admit were overlooked during the job interview process. In fact, attitudes drive 89% of hiring failures, while technical skills account for only 11% of hiring failures. Here are some key findings from this report, click here for additional Key Findings.

Office of Career & Global Engagement

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 706-3050
Email: CGE@lifepacific.edu