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Ministry Formation & Spiritual Development

The Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development Program at Life Pacific University is a co-curricular required program for all traditional undergrad students. The values of this program are rooted in the mission of the university: existing for the transformational development of students into leaders, prepared to serve God in the church, the workplace and the world. 


All requirements are due the last day of classes by 5pm PST. Ministry Formation & Spiritual Development is a Pass/Fail program. It will be listed on the student’s transcript as a P or F grade, however, it will not affect a student’s GPA. It is thestudent’s’responsibilitytocompleteandsubmit all materials by their assigned due date. Students must pass at least three of the five requirements in order to gain a passing grade. Students failing grades for Ministry Formation carry from semester to semester, resulting in more severe statuses.



Attend weekly chapels, missing no more than 6 per semester, or 3 w/ approved appeal.

Chapels are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:20am-11:20am. Students are required to attend both each week.

Students are required to keep track of their attendance, but can reach out by email to check their status by our records.

If you work regularly over chapel(s), you must complete the Chapel Appeal Form to appeal.



Students are required to attend at least two of the three sessions of the retreat scheduled each semester.

These retreats are hosted by the Campus Chaplain. There are usually three sessions, one on a Friday evening and then two on the following Saturday in the AM and PM. Students are required to attend, however if you cannot get work covered, you must complete the Semester Retreat Appeal Form to appeal.



Students must find a home church to 1) attend weekly, 2) serve, and 3) gain pastoral mentorship with feedback. Students will report on all three of these.

  • Reach out to OCV for a list of local churches if needed.
  • Attend and serve weekly.
  • Meet with a pastor throughout the semester who can give insight on your spiritual growth at the end of the semester. (You’ll be asked to give the name & email of this pastor in the MF&SD Report Form so we can send them a feedback form)



Students are required to serve 8-10 hours of community outreach per semester.

Reach out to OCV for a list of outreach opportunities. Outreach is generally approved as long as it doesn’t serve your own family, LPU, or is paid. If you have an outreach you’d like to do on your own or lead, reach out to OCV for approval. This is encouraged!

Keep track of your outreach hours, supervisor name and email for each outreach you do throughout the semester. You will report this information at the end of the semester using the Report Form.



Students are required to fill out the Report Form, which includes a Ministry Formation and Spiritual Development Growth Reflection.

Note: You’ll be asked to report all information pertaining to Church Involvement, Outreach and the Growth Reflection in the Report Form. Chapel Attendance is calculated through our office by the attendance scans each week.

Program Outcomes


  • Display a value for and commitment to the local church as the missional representative of God, his kingdom, and work in the world.
  • Display a commitment to serve others, locally and globally, as an expression of Christ’s compassion towards the world.
  • Apply an emerging understanding of ministry within everyday contexts in the church, the workplace and the world.
  • Identify how to effectively minister to diverse people with sensitivity to cultures and contexts.
  • Minister out of a healthy spiritual life that is marked by coachability and humility while living in community.


  • Express a growing love for God with all their being.
  • Consistently engage in the spiritual practices as pathways to seeking to know God.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to be like Christ in their thinking and actions evidenced by personal transformation, displaying the fruit of the Spirit, and obedience to God’s will.
  • Articulate a sense of God’s purpose for their life with dependence upon the empowerment of the Spirit.

Office of Career & Global Engagement

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 706-3050
Email: CGE@lifepacific.edu