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Residence Life

We believe that on-campus living is an extension of the classroom where students are provided many opportunities to learn and grow.


All residents are required to have a meal plan. There is also an optional meal plan available for commuters who wish to have one. 


In the Residence Hall, students learn what it means to live in a rich, diverse, and Christ-centered community with other students who are going through the same journey. It is living in a diverse community that gives our students the opportunity to hear and discover others’ perspectives, stories, and cultures.


 As co-curricular educators, the Office of Residence Life exists to create physically and relationally supportive spaces where students are challenged to develop holistically so that they know Christ deeply and are prepared to engage the world with love and grace as Christian leaders.


What kind of Health & Safety services are available to me?

We have an on-campus Health & Wellness Center staffed by our campus nurse, Carol Duzik R.N. The Health and Wellness Center is located through the ResLife Office.

Campus Safety
During evening hours there is a security officer monitoring the campus grounds. At any point you observe a campus safety issue, you can contact LPU Campus Safety by dialing 909-706-3088.

Do I need to apply for a parking permit?

Whether or not you will have a vehicle on campus, you are required to complete the Parking Status Form. You will be given an LPU Parking Pass that will be put in your mailbox in the beginning of the year. If you do not have a Parking Pass on your car by the second week of school (please put in the left, front corner of your windshield), you will be ticketed after the second week of school by campus safety. The link to complete the Parking Status Form can be found HERE.

Where can I hang out on campus?

There are many places for students (residents and commuters) to spend down time. Each floor in the dorms have common areas open to male and females during specific hours. The Loop area includes an on-campus coffeeshop as well as a lounge area with couches, a pool table, and a commuter lounger with a TV. The courtyard outside is the perfect place to relax on beautiful days. There are picnic tables and benches spread out across the courtyard as well as a basketball hoop and two sand volleyball courts. 

What other policies do I have to follow?

In order to foster a safe environment for our students and to ensure strong leadership development, students are required to adhere by the Community Life Agreement. A description of this agreement can be found in the Student Handbook.

Residence Life

Office Hours: 8am-5pm PT, Monday – Friday
Call or Text: (909) 599-5433
Email: reslife@lifepacific.edu