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Leadership & Governance

LPU’s leaders stand at the intersection of spirituality and practical sensibility. Together, they strike a balance between honoring our heritage and fundamentals, with expanding into a bright new future.

Office of the President

President Dr. Angie Richey, Ph.D. is an experienced educator and innovative leader who has served in faculty, staff, and executive roles at LPU for more than two decades. In her role as president, she combines all that knowledge to chart a path for student development, experiential learning, and holistic transformation through LPU.

Administrative Council

Within the Office of the President, this group coordinates among the academic, student, and business interests of the university. They hold the final approval (except for the Board of Trustees, where appropriate) for decisions on college governance, budget, policy, and initiatives.

Board of Trustees

Spearheading our vision-planning, strategic goal development, advancement, and more, the Board is committed to shepherding LPU into its preferred future. They’ve led the way on recent successes like enrollment growth, program expansion, accreditation, and stable financial footing. But they don’t do so in isolation. Our Board of Trustees welcomes interaction and remains accessible to the people whose lives are impacted by the decisions they make.

LPU Virginia Site Director

LPU is a bicoastal institution, and our Virginia Site Director leads program expansion and student development on our Christiansburg, Virginia campus.

California Student ASG

On the West Coast, our San Dimas, California campus is guided not just by administrative leadership – but by the voices of our students. 

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